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Every gift of every size creates lasting impact for every child and teen… and the adults they will become.

Fiscal Year: October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019.
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Also see the complete Cohen Camps Honor Roll.

Maxine Aiken-Freedman
Jed Alpert
Adrienne and Brian Auster
Mike Bean
Victoria Belliveau
Esther and Alan Beloff
Andrea and Jeffrey Berkowitz
Beth El Temple Center
Lee and Victor Blumenthal
Stephanie and Mark Blumenthal
Elissa Bogdanoff
Scott Boland
Dr. Heather Brenhouse
Molly Lourie Butter and Michael Butter
Norma Butter
Eliana Carr and Family
Joan Carr
Robert Carver
Sharon Leifer and Robert Cicerchia
Susan and John Clayman
Ashley Cohen
Savyon and Jonathan Cohen
Amy Cook
Charlene Cook
Meryl Dannenberg
Michelle and Paul Deitel
Emily Derr
Ivy Weiner Dorflinger
Caroline Dorn
Cynthia and Steve Drysdale
Jeffrey Duban
Rachelle and Jonathan Dubow
Sheryl Elkin
Robert Ellis
Pauline Engel
Michelle and Dr. David Feller-Kopman
Beth and Richard Fentin
Julie Fentin
Nancy and Barry Fisch
Lauren and Howard Flitt
Foundation for Jewish Camp
Bobbi Fox
Eleanor Freedman
Harriet and Stephen Freedman
Denise and Israel Ganot
Paula and Fred Geller
Julia and Andrew Genser
Cheryl and Robert Gerson
Michael Glanz
Manisha Modi and Steven Glazerman
Bernie Goldberg
Jennifer and Ari Goldberg
Sema and Henry Goldstein
Denise and Andrew Goodman
Joseph Gordon
Renee Goldberg and Paul Greenberg
Linda and Warren Greenstein
Emily Griffen
Hardy Elementary School
Gabrielle and Rick Henken
Dena and Matthew Hoberman
Stacey Baker and Jeremy Hoch
Judith and Ted Ingis
Marsha Jackson
Stephanie and Frank Jacobson
Debbi and Jordan Jaffe
Sandy and Jack Jagher
Jacqueline Feuer and David Janfaza
Fay and Parviz Janfaza
Melissa and Andrew Janfaza
Emily Kachinsky
Dr. Alan Kaplan
Lawrence Kaplan
Irina and Michael Karbachinskiy
Robin Rumelt Kassimir
Sarah Perry and Tony Kingsley
Jennifer and Eduardo Koenig
Liz and David Koplan
Jill and Barry Korn
Lisa and Michael Kramer
Robert Kramer
Gayle and David Krivelow
Mitch Kroner
Jon Kurtz
Nicole Lamberg
Sharon Lasky
Irene and Jonathan Leamon
Judy Leary
Nancy Leeser
Amanda Clayman and Tom Levenberg
Elyse and Jamie Leventhal
Jeffrey Levine
Kim Bantit and Adam Levy
Nancy and Bob Liberman
Dana and David Lichtenberg
Laurie Manes
Janet and Alan Mann
Scott Marcus
Arlene Markey
Rabbi Bernard Mehlman
Ilana and Greg Mogolesko
Sydney Moody
Melinda and Steve Moses
Gila and Al Namias
Ellen Bubrick and Dr. Joshua Namias
Greta and Gregg Nathan
Cara and Rusty Nelson
Jill and Adam Niedelman
Sharon and George Orfaly
Cynthia and John Pacino
Marni and Joshua Payne
Rachel and Dan Plofsky
Andrea Lavender and Mark Popovsky
Judy and Jonathan Quint
Rachel Pearlstein Raifman
Cindy and Matthew Remis
Shari Robbins
Rachel Rosenbaum
Dr. Susan Rosenbaum and Dr. David Rosenbaum
Fred Rosenblum
Stacy and Steven Ross
Dana Swartz Roth
Nuno SaCouto
Esther and Richard Salinsky
Shari Sarnevitz
Gladys Saslaw
Franceen and Richard Schwartz
Lori Rosenberg Shane
Evi Sheffres
Tricia and Scott Sherman
Renee and Jason Sidman
Jessica and Joel Siegel
Sue Siegel
Jeremy Silverfine
Jodylynn Gilardi and Daniel Simon
Abby and Derek Stern
Arlene and Gregory Stoller
Aimee and Jason Stone
Jill Swartz
Alan Teperow
Ben Tuttman
Shirlei and Scott Udell
Jennifer Slifka Vidal and Luis Vidal
Anne Vinick
Sheila Wagner
Sara and Jeffrey Wantman
Elise and Jeremy Warhaftig
Jon Wasserman
Elayne and Eric Weinstein
Marilyn and Jason Werner
Elizabeth and Keith Wexelblatt
Nina and Jordan Whitney
Nancy and Michael Wluka
Jessica and Efraim Yudewitz
Paul Zegler
Adelle and Norman Zimbel
Susan and Roger Zimmerman
Ellen Epstein Zirin
Michelle and Matthew Zisow
Lori and Jeff Zunick
Anonymous (3)