Cohen Camps Legacy Society

By making a planned gift, you will help ensure that Camp Tel Noar creates friendships, values, identity, and community for generations to come.

We are proud to honor supporters who demonstrate exceptional commitment to future campers with membership in The Cohen Camps’ Legacy Society. Carrying forward the founding vision of Eli and Bessie Cohen, Legacy Society members help fulfill the lasting promise of Jewish summer camp: to nurture young people in ways that enrich them, their families, and our shared community for a lifetime.

Joining The Cohen Camps’ Legacy Society is a simple, powerful way to say, “One day I will give to the place that gave so much to me.” You can join at any age.

Become a Member of The Legacy Society

Simply sign the Letter of Intent, expressing your wish to include Camp Tel Noar or the Cohen Camps overall in your estate plans. We hope you will let us know when you have done this, so that we may thank you for your generosity and keep you informed of your camp’s ongoing plans and successes.
Letter of Intent

We are always happy to answer any questions and help you consider your choices. Please contact us to discuss your gift planning interests, including supporting a particular camp, program, or scholarship resource. Please email Development Director Barbara Stevens or call her in the office at 781.489.2070.


The easiest way to make a planned gift is to name Camp Tel Noar in your will or trust. You may specify an exact dollar amount, a percentage of or all of your residuary estate, or a particular asset (real estate, securities, insurance policies).

Retirement Assets

By naming your Camp Tel Noar as a beneficiary of all or a part of your retirement plans, your estate may be able to minimize certain income and estate taxes while increasing your impact on future campers. To name your Tel Noar as a beneficiary, simply list Camp Tel Noar on your beneficiary form for either a dollar amount or a percentage of the total.

Camp Tel Noar’s tax identification number (the organization is formally called Eli and Bessie Cohen Camps) is: 04-6152862.