5-Night Mini-Sessions

Girl On SwingChoose Tuesday-Sunday, July 5-10, 2022
or Tuesday-Sunday, August 2-7, 2022

Try the Ta’am (Taste) of Tel Noar for first-time campers. Come for six days/five nights in either regular session: it’s the perfect way for new campers to ease into the overnight camp experience.

Ta’am campers are fully immersed in regular camp programming. Together as a dedicated bunk with counselors of their own, they will participate in all camp activities, including fun daily programming, special events, evening activities, the Camp Tel Noar Shabbat experience, and much more.

The Ta’am experience is available to new campers entering 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade in the September after camp. Each camper may enroll in Ta’am only for one summer.

“To me, it feels like camp should feel. Tel Noar has an outdoor, out in the woods, by the lake, rustic atmosphere, yet the bunks, dining hall, and pool are quite nice. It has a wide variety of activities, both indoor and outdoor. It is able to achieve a small family feel and create a sense of community. All under a Jewish umbrella.”