Kadima Teen Leadership Program

In Hebrew, “kadima” means “to move ahead” & “let’s go!” Kadima offers real-life, hands-on skills in responsibility, decision-making & communication—skills for working with children, being a leader at camp and beyond—all while having fun with your friends.

Kadima 2022: in Israel and at camp

This year only, Kadima includes a 3-week trip to Israel followed by a CAT/CIT Internship at each camp. Teens may take part in one or both portions of the Kadima experience.

  • The journey to Israel offers a life changing, immersive travel experience by teaching about Jewish heritage, identity, the land and the people of Israel through a leadership lens. Once again, we are partnering with Keshet: The Center for Educational Tourism in Israel to plan our tour safely and professionally.
  • The CAT/CIT Internship leadership program at camp will immerse the teens in camp life, with hands-on skills, and with direct parallels to leadership outside of camp that will help them understand how to be counselors and leaders with more knowledge, practice, confidence, and support. Teens will earn a stipend and have appropriate privileges within the CAT/CIT Intern role.

The Kadima Framework: Community and Growth

  • A strong curriculum in
    communication, teamwork, responsibility, empathy, & time management.
  • Deep, rewarding service experience
    with time to de-stress & prepare for senior year.
  • Sustained Jewish connection while teens are making choices about college & future.

A Day in the Life of Kadima

  • Shadowing/co-leading camper activities
  • Reflection with Kadima peer group
  • Certification training options (First Aid/CPR and bullying prevention)
  • Dedicated, self-directed time for schoolwork & college essays
  • Service projects
  • Camper mentoring at meals & beyond

Vision for Kadima’s future:

A Dedicated, Eco-Friendly Yurt Village

Delayed due to COVID’s impact; still in our plans for coming years!

Air-conditioned, private housing | Community center with: Indoor gathering space for 50+ people | Bathrooms | Workspace for school & college prep | Wi-Fi | Kitchenette | Senior staff bedrooms | Firepit!

See the designs:

The drawings on the right show the Community Building concepts by the Cohen Camps’ architects:

Where the Yurt Village will sit at each camp (approximately):

Would you like to help support Kadima and the Yurt Village?
We are grateful for the many leadership donors who have already stepped forward to help underwrite the cost and create this formative experience.