Dor L’Dor Israel Experience

Dor L’Dor 2022: 4 weeks in Israel!

At The Cohen Camps, we strongly believe that direct experience of Israel — the opportunity to create a personal relationship with the people, land and heritage of Israel — is integral to the way each person develops their Jewish identity, values and character. After all, supporting the founding of the State of Israel is part of our founding vision. We begin to help our campers cultivate this connection with Israel from the moment they arrive at camp.

At camp, bunks carry the names of Israeli cities and towns; many building names honor Zionist heroes; exuberant Israeli dancing enlivens Shabbat; our cohort of Israeli counselors add Hebrew and Israeli culture to our bunks and activities.

Then the capstone of the camper experience, the Dor L’Dor Leadership Program, guides our oldest campers through Israel itself, many for the very first time. After completing 10th grade, you may join peers from the other Cohen Camps—Pembroke and Tevya—for an intensive four weeks in Israel, a trip that is physically, spiritually, and intellectually stimulating.

(We even offer a Dor L’Dor Israel Trip for Adults in some years!)

As you’ve seen for yourself, Tel Noar campers relish the weekly Shabbat updates sent in by the Dor L’Dor travelers. This program and its young-adult role models help even our youngest campers discover the deep value in connecting with the historical, religious and cultural aspects of the State of Israel.

“Her experience was unforgettable. She was able to see Israel through a different lens, being with kids her age.” ~Tel Noar Parent


Please consider a gift to the Dor L'Dor Friendship Fund
This fund provides for social events connecting Israeli teens with Dor L’Dor participants.