Food: Kosher & Nut-Aware!

Camp Tel Noar 2013Our Kosher kitchen serves kid-friendly choices with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. There’s a salad bar available at every lunch and dinner, plus sunflower butter and jelly to make sure you always have plenty of energy. Our breakfast bar features yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh fruit, toast and bagels, cold cereal, oatmeal and hard-boiled eggs in addition to the main item being served. We serve healthy snacks twice a day, and have bowls of fresh fruit available all day long.  You’ll find something you like at every meal: we promise!

Camp Tel Noar does not have any items on site that contain peanuts or tree nuts. With prior notice, we can accommodate most other food allergies and/or a vegetarian diet as well.

At meals, we sit at mixed-age tables, so you’ll get to know kids throughout the camp. In our camp family, older campers get to become like “big siblings” to younger children, a casual but important leadership opportunity.