Your Camp Trunk: 10 Tips to Pack Like a Pro

  • 1. Label everything…and then label it again: Camp very quickly feels like home to our campers, which means one thing…our campers leave everything everywhere (sound familiar?). If there is a label or name written somewhere on it, that lost item is 99% more likely to find its way back home. Initials are good, full names are better!

    Camp Tel Noar 7-15-122. White T-shirts: At Camp Tel Noar, we are BIG supporters of tie-dye. If it’s white, chances are we’ll twist it, tie it and dip it until we have a colorful creation of our very own. A pack of Hanes t’s will do the trick!

    3. Let them Pack: Packing should be a partnership and, with your supervision, will feel more manageable. Grab your packing list, lay out what you have, make a list of what you need, and let your camper take the lead on the actual packing. This will allow them to take ownership over the process and demonstrate responsibility. It’s also a great tool to help manage anxiety and excitement and curve those pre-camp jitters. Campers also have to pack to come home – so this is good practice!

    4. CTN Swag: Trip day shirts are a good start and campers may want to expand their Tel Noar wardrobe to include a sweatshirt, tank top or hat. Check out the options by clicking here!

    5. It’s the little things: Here are some of the tricks of the trade. Having a shoe bag is a useful organization tool for not only Camp Tel Noar 7-15-12shoes, but sunscreen, cards, bug spray and more. The shoe bag, like this one, can be hung over the foot of the bed or hung on the wall in your camper’s area. A little rug can go a long way. Something small and inexpensive like this can give your camper’s area an extra sense of comfort and flare and a simple egg crate can turn a camp bed into a Tempurpedic…sorta 

    6. Extra sheets: Our counselors will help the campers change there sheets every week before the laundry goes out so these are good to have. We’ve also been known to throw an impromptu toga party…pack prepared!

    IMG_56497. Shabbat and Banquet Outfits: Pack some blue and white for Shabbat and something a little bit nicer for banquet (a sundress for girls, pants/nice shorts and a polo/button up for our boys). Friday nights tend to be a little bit dressier than the usual camp attire but still range from nicer shorts and a nice top to dresses and khakis. Saturday morning services are more casual but still blue and white.

     8. Socks and Underwear, Underwear and Socks: This time it IS about the quantity…you can never have enough. Campers could go from basketball, to the pool, to ceramics, to lunch, to archery, to the lake…we count the potential for FOUR, count it, FOUR pairs of socks in there. They don’t have to match, they just have to be available.

    9. Tutu’s, hats, and anything neon: The weirder the better. There are many opportunities to wear a crazy hat, get IMG_0623dressed up or walk around in a tutu…without anyone questioning your ensemble. Don’t have something to dress up in? Luckily you have bunkmates and counselors who are awesome sharers.

    10. Less is more: With the exception of socks and underwear (see above), the less clothes you have to keep track of, the better. A couple of sweatshirts, a few towels, some pjs, and a pair of rain shoes…bring the essentials and leave the rest at home. All campers will have some under-bed storage (often shared with one other camper), their own dresser and space in the chug to store towels and toiletries. Laundry is done once a week for all campers, so keep this in mind when thinking about quantity.

    Still have questions? We are here to walk you through it. Don’t ever hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. There are no silly questions, just questions to help better prepare you and your campers for an incredible summer!

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