What I Love About CTN – Kerri Tabasky – Alumni & camp parent

  • kerri tabasky2I came in to Tel Noar late – later than most of my friends.    I started at a different camp at the age of 12, where I went for two years.   I wanted to love camp, I just didn’t love that camp.  My older sister was already at Tel Noar, and she strongly encouraged my two younger sisters and me to try it.

    I knew if my sister Gabby liked it, I would too.   I was 14 when I started at Tel Noar, already in Bogrot.  By then friendships had been formed for many years.  Experiences and memories had been shared that I knew nothing about.    And yet, my first day there, I knew I was home.   I was welcomed with open arms by my bunkmates.    I had instant friends.   I started to create my own memories and experiences at my summer home.   I went on to be a CAT, then a counselor for two years.   The summers at Tel Noar were some of the best summers of my life.

    24 years have passed since my summers at Tel Noar.  Yet CTN alumni paths have crossed, worlds have collided with camp friends and my “grownup friends.”   Social media outlets like FaceBook make it very easy to reconnect, see what our camp friends are up to (sometimes on a daily basis) and still feel part of that Tel Noar community.

    kerri tabaskyThe “camp friends” I am close with now are not necessarily ones I was close with back then.  Some were a few years older than me, some younger,  yet we have commonality of being together for many magical summers in the 80’s.  Our experiences and memories may be different, yet we share one thing in common:  CTN.    That’s all that matters.

    See you all at the June 27th 70th Celebration at CTN! Register today!

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