Week Two: Summer Fun at CTN

  • There’s truly nothing like the sound of camp. I type this blog from the swing bench by Sunset Lake, while the sound of camp fills the air. Music plays from the office, the bouncing of volleyballs can be heard all around, but my favorite part – the interruption of peace and quiet by the sound of boys and girls laughing and having fun.

    It doesn’t seem a minute since writing our previous blog post – it’s true what they say, camp weeks well and truly fly by. In the last seven days we have taken to stage, sang our favorite songs, created and swapped friendship bracelets, swam countless laps around pool, and danced to ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ enough to last a lifetime.

    Each day and week is completely different to the last, and Week 2 has been no different. Our week began with an evening in the gym for our annual ‘Minute to Win it’ game night. Adam pulled tissues out of its box faster than lightening, whilst Hayley filled her cheeks with marshmallows in a game of Chubby Bunny.

    On Monday, the Oles and Tsofs camp hopped aboard school busses and headed out of town to Roller Kingdom for an evening of roller skating, laser tag, arcade games and karaoke (congrats to Rachel and Sophie whose singing impressed enough to win the karaoke prize!). In no time at all, CTN staff and campers flocked to the skating floor, and within minutes nervous skaters became rolling masters, even New Zealand counselor Kayley who spent the beginning of the session clinging to the shoulders of both her counselors and campers! If you didn’t see the incredible fall and beautiful style-out of Gil on Instagram stories, be sure to check our Week 2 highlight – you won’t regret it!

    The Boges thoroughly enjoyed their night taking over Portsmouth, doing what they do best, eating ice cream and hanging out.

    In no time at all MTV night rolled around, with each bunk heading to the stage to show off their dancing and acting skills. Raising an almighty cheer, Bunk 1 performed the ‘Hype’ dance effortlessly in their matching sunglasses, Bunk 5 and 10 took to the stage in vibrant tutus, whilst Bunks 8 and 18 impressed with their perfectly rehearsed choreography. If you didn’t get chance to see our sneak peek video, you can check it out here.

    This week CTN counselors hosted their first bunk nights of the year, which included an array of both relaxing and energetic activities. The girls enjoyed chocolate making, jewelry creating and spa evenings, while the boys made gingerbread houses, splashed in the pool and played fruit baseball (a lesson learned – do not take a camera within 30 feet of boys smashing fruit!).

    With each period that passes, our campers continue to gain confidence in their individual classes. Within moments of stepping into the Media room, it wasn’t long until I was ushered into the interview seat by Isabella, Henry and Evie. Conducting the interview as though they’d been doing it for months, they asked “if you could be any superhero what would you be”, “what’s been your favorite highlight at camp so far”, and “if money was no object, where would you take us”. I look forward to seeing them all professionally interviewing on TV in no time at all.

    Regular programming continued throughout the week, with campers enjoying relaxing periods of yoga with Jenna, creating delicious treats and festive spring rolls with Kerri, Simran and Matt in Culinary Arts, and creating face painting masterpieces with Jess and Kim in Drama. A particular highlight of the week was seeing the young girls of Bunk 9 playing a scavenger hunt with lifeguard Jess by the waterfront. Working effortlessly as a team, the girls followed clues to a variety of locations until they dug their way to treasure found inside the CTN lifeguard tower.

    On Wednesday some of our sport-loving Oles headed out of camp for the Jr. Jr. Jamboree and came back to a massive applause following two incredible wins. Not only did they win the Jr. Jr. Jamboree Championship, they were also awarded the Sportsmanship award which we are all incredibly proud of.

    The fun continued into the 4th July, where we began our day with our favorite berry bar breakfast, and an energetic dance party dressed in red, white and blue (a big shout-out to Eden who continues to wow us all with her impressive morning dance moves). After the day’s programming and our weekly Thursday evening BBQ, the 4th July festivities began!

    The whole camp had an absolute blast going to and from a variety of activities including a blow-up waterslide, a photobooth to capture our smiley faces, a lakeside competition to collect a greased watermelon, and as much cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones as we could manage. The perfect day finished with a perfect evening, as we gathered beside Sunset Lake to watch the most incredible fireworks launched from the CTN beach.

    As we head into Shabbat for a second time, we are thankful for the incredible memories and friendships we have made in the past seven days, and look forward to more laughter and learning in the coming days ahead.

    Shabbat Shalom.


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