Week four: First Session Fun

  • There’s no such thing as a quiet week at camp, and the past seven days have proven just that. After our previous week full of off-camp adventure, it’s been great to spend a few days at camp enjoying regular programming – and boy did we fit lot into a short space of time!

    We started our week off with Prospective Camper Day, showing the future campers of CTN how truly incredible our time here at Tel Noar is (I promise Efraim didn’t force me to write that). Giving our guests a taste of life at camp, they enjoyed a pool party, tie dying, a bonfire, a BBQ lunch – with each guest being kindly shown around by our CTN campers, each of which did an incredible job.

    An exciting end to Prospective Camper Day came in the form of our evening activity, ‘deal or no deal’, and with prizes up for grabs including extra canteen items, counselors cleaning the bunks, and a bunk pool party, it definitely lived up to the excitement. Seth was first to take to the stage, and came face-to-face with the difficult decision of whether he should say “deal” or “no deal” at the opportunity to take the role of Sharon Lasky for an evening. Without hesitation he chose deal, and soon enough enjoyed the responsibility of leading the birthday song session at dinner.

    Our other evening activities continued to impress, including our Dance Party which featured strobe lights, photo booths, arcade games and enough energetic dancing to make our feet ache. International Night provided fun games and incredible food, all organized by our international staff. Highlights of the night included watching campers take part in British games which involved bobbing for apples and taking a shot at the coconut shy, learning how to play Australian football with Jeremy, trying ceilidh dancing with Niamh, and tasting incredible Mexican esquites with our kitchen and maintenance staff.

    Tuesday nights are for Bunk Night, which provides a whole host of fun activities for campers, all organized by their own bunk counselors. Our bellys rumbled at the sight of Bunk 12 enjoying a tea party featuring strawberries, cheeses, sandwiches and an array of colorful desserts. Having to quickly move away before devouring everything, it wasn’t long until Bunk 4 were found enjoying a bonfire, Bunk 9 creatively painting T-shirts, whilst Bunk 11A’s Lily, Ella, Alexa, Dina and Becca were found splashing around and falling off blow-up rings in the lake.

    The Tel Noar Junior Basketball Tournament provided the chance for our Tsof campers to show off their impressive basketball skills while competing against other camps. Each member of the team impressed with their enthusiasm and sportsmanship, and even though we may not have taken the trophy, they were all winners in our eyes. A big shout-out is deserved to Josh and Aaron, who really stepped up during their matches, and made the Athletics department very proud of their performances.

    Not only has the Nature department been impressing this year with their fishing skills, they’ve been giving the Culinary Arts department a run for their money, with the delicious smells coming from their outdoor cooking sessions. Popcorn, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, grilled cheeses and hot dogs have all been found simmering on their open fire, each time making it increasingly difficult for campers and counselors not to stop by their station when walking past!

    Each day the Arts & Crafts department continue to surprise the camp with their incredible creativity. Just yesterday, Dina was spotted painting her whale-shaped woodwork doorstop, while Zach was sat on his incredibly impressive hand-made wooden chair. A great highlight of the week was watching Shana, Tess, Hannah and Zoe head into the lake with their Arts & Crafts boat, which they managed to keep afloat using just a refrigerator box, duct tape and water bottles – miraculously it didn’t sink and nobody fell in – result!

    One of the biggest highlights of the week came in theatre-form, courtesy of the Ol-Tsof’s play… The Lion King! The whole cast and crew brought their A-game to the stage, and put on an incredible performance, wow’ing the whole crowd with their acting, singing and dancing skills. A big shout-out is deserved to everyone involved, it was a great evening which was worthy of many standing ovations.

    We can’t believe we are only a few days away from the end of First Session – how time flies when you’re having fun! As we enter into Shabbat, we’re taking a moment to appreciate the time we’ve spent with our First Session campers, and look forward to welcoming many new faces in just a few short days.

    Wishing you all a great Shabbat,


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