We Love It Here

  • Since you last heard from us, so much has happened! Games have been won, trips have been taken and so many memories have been made.

    DSC_0016Shabbat was filled with spirit and reflection and the Saturday programming was some of the best. Our bunks have been working on different Mitzvot and camp beautification projects slowly, throughout the weeks, amazing little projects have appeared throughout camp. Our siddurim boxes are now decorated; our office has an even more welcoming feel thanks to the amazing notes shared by our campers and another group walked around camp in capes, dressed like super heroes to complete random acts of kindness around camp. Together, with the help of every camper, Tel Noar feels like home and it’s been amazing to watch them contribute in such a hands on way. We were incredibly touch by one camper who wrote this poem to share with camp, we think it’s a great reflection of the impact of camp:

    2nd poem Sunday was1st poem a beautiful camp day and the best day to welcome 40 prospective families to camp for the day. Perfect weather allowed for a full day of camp activity and the perfect way to experience CTN for the first time. Our campers were so eager to be paired up with visiting campers to share their love for camp. BBQ lunch, a pool party, and s’mores rounded out the day for our campers and new friends! Evening activity including Ad Hunts (Olim/Olot), Pool Party (Tsofs) and Coffee House (Bogs) and everyone has a blast where their age groups!

    Between socials and dance parties, we had the opportunity to show our athletic prowess on the courts and in the pool. Monday our Olim boys went to Tevya, Bogrim went to CYJ and we hosted our Tosfim basketball tournament hear at CTN. A couple of 2nd and 3rd place finishes later and we could not be prouder of our amazing campers and their CTN pride! But we were even more proud of a visitor who was at Tevya for the day and shared a very special story with us. While walking around and touring Tevya, she witnessed a camper fall of his bike and get injured. What amazed her most was that the first person to approach and help the camper was another little boy from CTN that hurried over filled with concern. We love that the kindness we see every day exists outside of our Tel Noar bubble!

    Tuesday morning we woke up to an amazing surprise…Israel Day! Our fantastic shlichim (Israeli counselors) spent israel daythe early morning hours decorating and transforming CTN into the beloved country of Israel. We all got to go around to a variety of stations that represented different parts of Israeli culture and different cities. Bunks went to a beach party in Tel Aviv, made pita over an open fire, camped out in the Negev, and even got to experience basic training in the Israeli army. We loved spending time learning about a land we all feel so connected to and the best part…the food! Israeli salad, hummus, homemade falafel, shakshuka and pita was the perfect end to a wonderful day! Huge shout out to our Israeli staff for working so hard for this awesome day!

    Wednesday after another hot day, we all got to relax and enjoy the amazing performance of Peter Pan. The production was fantastic with split stages and great costumes. Bravo to the drama staff and campers!

    canobieThursday was Trip Day, and off we went to Canobie Lake Park with the entire camp. Roller Coasters, Water Rides, amazing food and great bunk bonding, the trip was ones of the best! While our campers were on their way home from Canobie, an incredible group of 20 parents were on their way to have some of their own fun. We enjoyed a Soul Cycle class and dinner, talked camp and shared stories about funny letters being written home from campers. It was a great opportunity to connect with our parents. We hope to see you at the next event!

    It’s so hard to believe that we are preparing to say goodbye to our first session campers, with just a couple of days remaining. At camp, time exists in a completely different way…a day can feel like a month, but a week can go by in the blink of an eye. That’s why we always tell our campers to cherish every single moment. It won’t last forever, but boy oh boy, do we wish it would.

    From our Family to Yours,


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