Warm Passover Greetings!

  • Although there is still snow on the ground, with Passover’s “early” arrival I can’t help but think of Spring and everything it signifies.  The story of Passover reminds us to pause and take a look at where we have been, and to let that motivate us to move forward to where we want to be.  While it may not feel like Spring with our snow covered yards, I have no doubt that the crocuses and daffodils are making their way to the surface of our gardens, the true pioneers that bring us to our “Promised Land” – Summer at CTN!

    Camp Tel Noar 7-3-12

    Passover seders are one of my favorite Jewish traditions, and they always remind me of camp. They both bring friends and family together whom we may not see often, they both take longer to prepare than they actually last, and they both immerse us in a truly Jewish experience that is full of joy and friendship, if only for a short time.  Each year we retell our story of the journey from slavery to freedom, I think about how we all make this personal journey, too. How do we become the people we want to become?

    I hope that the Camp Tel Noar experience has allowed you and your family to glimpse the opportunities that may lay ahead, and also to look back and take stock of the camp experiences that are so meaningful to you.  Much like the seder, at camp we not only look back, but we prepare for the future.  When you and your family say a resounding Bashanah Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim – Next Year in Jersusalem – at your seder tonight, know that 28 members of our very own CTN family will be participating in the Dor L’Dor Program and will be in Israel this year.  Passover reminds us that there is so much possibility!  What are your hopes and dreams for Summer 2013?

    While we look forward to our seder tonight, my husband Mike, and my daughters Shana and Jenna, remind me that Passover signifies that Summer is right around the corner.  We can’t wait to see you and welcome you to our “Promised Land”.  In the mean time, from our family to yours, we wish you a very Happy Passover filled with delicious food, warm friendship, and seder fun.

    With all good wishes for a wonderful Passover,

    Chag Sameach,


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