Top 5 Tips for Surviving Life the “Rest of the Year” after a Summer at Camp Tel Noar

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    The laundry is done and the camp duffles are packed away for next summer. You’ve had a fantastic first day of school and have begun fall sports and your year-round extra-curricula activities. While camp ended only a month ago, it surely feels like a lifetime ago, and summer 2013 by comparison must feel like eons away! While the days are still long enough to reminisce about the glow of summer, here are my Top 5 Tips for surviving life “the rest of the year” after an incredible summer at CTN:

    1. Enjoy all the little things you forgot how much you loved while you were at camp!  Hot showers for as long as you like, infinite snack choices, electronics and social media…you fill in the rest. Granted, you won’t get to enjoy them with a bunk full of your best friends, but it’s an okay consolation until next June.
    2. Bring a little “camp” to the rest of your Jewish life.   Try and make Shabbat dinner at home a little more “camp like” — sing the Birkat Hamazon (Migdol!) or dance a little with your family…Scat man anyone? Youth groups give an awesome opportunity to connect with other Jewish kids and do some camp-style programming.  No, it won’t last 7 weeks, but it could get you through a weekend here or there until summer comes again. And who knows, you might see a camp friend there!
    3. Stay connected!  Pick at least one camp friend from your bunk, and make a plan to see them this winter.  Join us for the family Apple and Pumpkin picking event on October 14 (learn more at to reminisce with your friends about all those crazy bunk memories you share. Don’t forget to tune into our blog and like our facebook page to stay up-to-date with all things CTN this winter! Stay connected with phone calls, texts, emails, youtube, facebook and twitter, whatever feels right to you to keep those summer memories alive with your friends who “get it.”
    4. Mark Your Calendars for the Camp Reunion on Saturday Night January 5! A night of Rollerskating and celebrating Havdallah together will be just what the doctor ordered during the coldest part of the winter.  Look forward to getting your yearbooks and reliving your summer memories with your best friends from camp while rollerskating away to the tunes of summer 2012.
    5. Sign up for NEXT SUMMER!  Yes, it’s true, enrollment for 2013 is officially open.  So don’t wait, nothing will make the summer feel closer than knowing you’ve taken the first step to get there. Visit and sign up today!

    Now that you have a plan, think wonderful summer thoughts and we can’t wait to see you at the next CTN event!

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