Through the Years – Sharon Lasky – Alumni, Girls’ Head Counselor

  • sharonWho would have thought that a young girl starting Camp Tel Noar as a CAT in 1971 would still be a part of the CTN family in 2015? Through the years, I have always considered myself lucky to be a part of the camp family. While so much has changed, so many parts of the camping experience has definitely remained the same.

    Through the years, I have learned so much about myself and have continued to grow as an educator as well as a person. I am who I am today partly from my connections to the amazing people with whom I had an opportunity to work and the thousands of campers with whom I had the chance to guide. George and Norma Marcus, Shirley Miller, and Larry Robinson, to name a few, were true mentors. I learned so much from them.

    Through the years, as a counselor, girls’ assistant head, girls’ head, and an educator, I often utilized their teachings. There were many instances where I looked back to the workshops, orientation sessions, and experiences, and quickly came to a decision as to what was needed. In most circumstances, I found that my camp training, as a whole, helped me to successfully solve the situations!

    Through the years, I have worked with so many talented people. I have a plethora of fond memories of my many co-counselors, co-heads, and assistants. And I cannot forget the number of campers who allowed me to be a part of their camp memories.

    Through the years, I had many opportunities to have meals and talks with Uncle Eli and Aunt Bessie, and Arnold and Annebelle. I saw first hand their strong commitment to provide a beautiful camp setting where individuals could develop a strong connection with their religious identity.

    Through the years, much of the camp has basically remained the same. The services on Friday and Saturday, Shira sessions, sharonharrisongathering at the flag pole every morning and evening, bunk nights, the burning of the TN, and the strong feeling of community have all remained strong pillars of our camp life. There have been some changes, however. The Shabbos bread has been replaced with coffee cake, our beloved “Mess Hall” with its mosaic and tile art work has been replaced by a spacious”Dining Hall.” There are no standing fans for counselors to keep moving, in order for their table to reap the benefits of the “cool” breeze, but now there is plenty of room for the entire camp population to get up and enjoy the rikud sessions after the Shabbat dinner. The Arts & Crafts building moved from behind the Rec Hall to the Dell Hill in order to make way for the camp Gym. We now have an amazing pool, and there is an outside basketball court where the Mess Hall once stood. Yes, there are changes, but CTN will always remain special no matter the landscape.

    Through the years, I looked forward to driving by what use to be the Hampstead Pharmacy and the Hampstead Post Office just before reaching the camp driveway.

    Through the years, the butterflies in my stomach would begin to flutter upon seeing the hanging blue Camp Tel Noar sign. I knew that another incredible summer was about to begin. This will be my forty-fifth summer; I will be returning to the beautiful shores of “Sunset Lake,” looking forward to having another woqnderful summer. I will be entering my very special place – a place that hopefully each member of my ever growing family will love as much as I do.

    It has been an amazing 44 years with the 45th season just around the corner. I cannot wait for another gratifying and enjoyable time at my summer home – 03841.

    I hope to see many of you at CTN’s 70th Reunion!
    With love,

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  1. David Puritz says:

    I spent an incredible 24 years at CTN and was blessed to be able to work side by side with Sharon for 14 of those years as Boys Head Counselor. Sharon was the first person I met on my first night of camp back in 1985 and has become a dear friend.Camp Tel Noar would never be the same if she wasn’t there.

  2. evi sheffres says:

    It was many moons ago when Sharon joined my A&C staff as a Cat. Her warm smile has continued to insure campers that they will have an invaluable summer experience. I am proud to include my grandchildren & their cousins among those.
    I hope you will continue this worthwhilel rule for many years to come ! evi sheffres

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