This Week at CTN: Week 3

  • Sometimes, especially at camp, it’s the little things that happen that can be the most significant moments. Camp is DSC_0055this magical place where you feel safe, and supported by amazing friends and incredible counselors. A place where a day can feel like a week, and a week goes by in the blink of an eye. Our week contained huge dance parties at the Party Excitement social, muddy knees while we used the giant slip and slide down the dell, rowdy cheers during the Tsofim basketball tournament and blue tongues while we enjoyed slush from the Kona Ice truck for a surprise dessert. These moments were amazing, shared amongst our camp community, but it was the in-betweens and behind the scenes that made this week at camp so amazing.

    Last Saturday night, our campers enjoyed participating in MTV night. They loved choosing a song, choreographing and working together on their performance for all of camp. The most amazing part though, was watching campers of all ages, boys and girls, get on stage in front of 300 people and perform. It’s not easy for many of our campers, but the cheers and clapping from the crowd is one of the amazing things that happens at camp.  Campers get on the stage feeling nervous and anxious and get off feeling accomplished and proud. It’s an amazing moment to witness!

    Bunk 7 woke up before the sun rose to sit along the dell overlook and watch the sunrise. Together a band of brothers, and a normally rambunctious group, sat quietly taking the moment in. From across the country, and overseas, this group of campers and staff has come together to support each other and help make their summer the best ever.

    Earlier this week we had to say goodbye to our Taam campers at the conclusion of their two-week session. Bunk 11 decided they wanted to do whatever they could to make sure our youngest campers enjoyed every last minute and threw them a Taam banquet, complete with a slideshow, donuts and photo booth after their final breakfast. These campers, only 11 years old, took amazing initiative to provide a special experience for other campers, and we are so proud of them!

    We celebrated many firsts this past week! Five campers got up on waterskis for their first time ever. Once camper hit her first ever single in softball during the Olim/Olot softball game at CYJ and we were able to celebrate one of our youngest campers overcoming one of his biggest fears during instructional swim. What better place to learn and grow than at CTN, and we were so excited to be able to share in our campers accomplishments, however big or small.

    Every night a different bunk has had the opportunity to have a lakeside campfire at the fire pit. The counselors have led their kids in song, made s’mores with them and shared stories of their camp experience. These nights spent looking out over the calm lake have brought our campers closer to each other and to CTN.

    IMG_0490Shabbat will always remain one of our most cherished times at camp, and while we don’t usually like to see it come to an end, tonight it did so in style. Our Olim/Olot campers led our camp community in a spiral from the flagpole to the beach to gather in one large, tight spiral around our staff leading havdallah. With arms draped over one another’s shoulder we sang together and welcomed a new week.

    We can’t wait to see what’s in store!

    Happy in Hampstead,

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