This Week at CTN: Week 2

  • Week 2 was a blast – filled with good weather, good fun and good friends!

    DSC_1383On Sunday we had an awesome game day with CYJ. We won both soccer games, for our Oles and Tsofs, and our Bogs played an intense game of ultimate Frisbee. The day showed the heart of campers especially on Bogrim Ultimate Frisbee.  Our campers were down 14-4 in a game to 15 and with amazing effort and hustle, an hour later the score was 14-11 before CYJ go their final point.  It was an amazing testament to the will and never-quit attitude our campers possess. We can’t wait for this week’s game day vs. Yavneh!

    It was also a great week at the pool. We had perfect weather for Water Carnival and we loved being able to welcome six other camps to CTN for the day. Events on the waterfront went smoothly and our campers took to Sunset Lake for waterskiing, kayaking and sailing competitions while campers competed at the pool in a variety of strokes. CTN had many 1st place finishes!

    What a week in Jewish Culture. There is a Jewish teaching that says, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?”. What does this even mean! Well our Olimers could tell you. This week in Jewish Life and Learning we made an Israeli treat of no bake chocolate balls and we divided the treats. First, as if we were not for ourselves, then if we were only for ourselves and all of the oles agreed that neither of these were preferable. After a great discussion and thinking about the quote “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?” each camper took one. The kids had so much fun with the hands on activity and learning the Jewish twist on it!

    The spirit in our Dining Hall has been nothing short of amazing, with crazy costumes, dance parties and impromptu song sessions. After the announcement of our Trip Night yesterday afternoon, the Adult Staff and campers worked together to make sandwiches and bagels for dinner before leaving for the trip. This very quickly turned into the most impressive, longest dance party that we’ve ever seen. Campers standing in line with a bagel in one hand and piece of fruit in the other, didn’t let that stop them from dancing their way through the line.DSC_1398

    There is no better way to break up the routine of camp than a Trip Night. Campers and counselors were so excited to head to Manchester last night for the Fisher Cats game. They enjoyed food, the game and the experience of being at the park, but the best part of all was the incredible fireworks display at the end!

    MTV night is tomorrow and the campers are busy preparing for Shabbat and their performances. It’s one of our favorite evening activities and we can’t wait to share them with you!!

    Shabbat shalom,

    Your Camp Tel Noar Family

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