This Week at CTN: Week 1

  • DSC_0564Where do we begin? We’ve only been here for three days but our camp family feels close and CTN feels like home. Opening Day started off with a bit of rain, but the energy of our staff and excitement of our arriving campers was incredible!

    We’ve had sunshine ever since and the smiles haven’t stopped. Camp is all about the little moments shared with friends and counselors and here are some of the highlights!

    Bunk 8 woke up before anyone else on the first day of camp to experience one of the most beloved memories, watching the sunrise over Sunset Lake. In this quiet but powerful moment, this band of brothers sat together and watched a new day begin as they look forward to countless more spent together this summer.

    Our popular Fun in the Kitchen elective spent their time making candy sushi with Matan and Amanda, and the results were impressive. Rice Krispies instead of rice, fruit roll up instead of seaweed and a variety of candy in the middle – we got to sample the various rolls, and they were delicious!

    Bunk 7 went on their first Head Honcho Hike and our Director, Efraim led the pack. They enjoyed exploring our IMG_0070trails and spending time with each other and Efraim. Each week a different group will have the opportunity to hike with one of the members of our leadership team, stay tuned for the next!

    We LOVED watching one our most successful Big/Little Brother/Sister programs ever at CTN. All of our campers were split into small groups, their new camp families, led by our oldest campers. Watching our Bogrim/Bogrot campers take on this leadership role was amazing and our younger campers loved having the chance to meet other campers.

    One of our newest electives, Sampler Platter, led by Becca, our Assistant Director, gives campers the opportunity to do a little something different every class. They spent their time together planning the activities for the rest of the session, after a surprise excursion out of camp. Upcoming classes will include volunteering at the local Adult Day Facility, canoeing to the local beach for dinner, and so much more!

    All of camp made lanterns in Arts & Crafts to help decorate our Chapel area and it was so beautiful to be surrounded by such amazing art contributed to us by our campers. Shabbat we peaceful and comforting to be sitting amongst our new friends in our favorite place on earth. A delicious Shabbat meal, made complete by freshly baked challah, rugalech, and potato latkes, was shared and we witnessed one of the most spirited, energetic dancing sessions we have ever seen!

    With just three days of summer under our belt, it feels amazing to be a part of such a tight-knit community and 70 years of history. We’ve loved watching our campers proudly wearing their 70th Celebration t-shirts around camp and we want to thank you for sharing your kids with us.

    Until next week!

    Happy in Hampstead,
    Your CTN Family

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