The Zionist Core of CTN

  • Eli Cohen with David Ben Gurion

    Camp Tel Noar has an incredible history that links it to the founders of the state of Israel.  Our roots as a Zionist camp thread through the generations, beginning with Eli & Bessie Cohen, our founders, being staunch supporters of the revolution that led to the modern State of Israel.  Tel Noar, hill of youth in English, was originally founded as a camp for young adults to be imbued with a sense of Jewish and Zionist pride in a picturesque setting.

    Although we converted to a youth camp in the 1950’s, many of the same core values are vibrant in our current community.  Israeli folk dance, Jewish Life, and teachers and friends who represent the State are all important parts of who we are CTN.  We are privileged to host an Israeli Delegation each summer, along with a cohort of Jewish staff from other places in the world, who represent the dream that CTN once stood for.  While our oldest campers participate in the Dor L’Dor Leadership program that brings them to Israel for 5 weeks each summer, our Israel Delegation brings a little bit of Israel back here to camp.  They whet the appetites of future Dor L’Dor campers, and the Zionist Core of CTN comes full circle.

    Ron Merkin shares his experience at CTN in what will become a weekly installment from our Israeli Delegation:


    My name is Ron Merkin and I’m 21 years old from Jerusalem, Israel.

    My first week at Camp Tel Noar made me feel like I have known this place for a very long time. The local staff has been welcoming and helpful in getting us acclimated to the Camp life here.  The staff orientation was just awesome! The older counselors helped us (the foreigners) and gave us tips that will help us get through the summer successfully.

    I was really nervous and excited to see what camp will be like when the campers finally get here. It was better than I could imagine; the kids are great and it’s great to see them having fun together.  I’m having a great time in the tennis department. We have a fantastic department and it’s always fun to work with kids who want to learn the game of tennis.

    Ron Merkin, CTN Mishlachat 2012


    Until the next time,
    Ron Merkin
    Israeli delegation


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