The Little Things

  • Camp is filled with everyday magic, and taking a moment to acknowledge the greatness in the little moments is so important to us at Tel Noar. Sometimes we need some time away from our favorite place to realize the little things, that make for big experiences, and everlasting memories.

    1. Getting mail Camp is one of the few places and periods of time when you get hand written cards and letters sent to you on a consistent basis, and we love it! Moms and Dads…keep ’em coming!
    2. sunsetThe views Looking out from the top of the hill over camp while you’re at archery. Gazing out onto the Lake from the Chapel on Shabbat. An early morning sunrise in the Dell. The sunset over the Dining Hall as evening activity comes to an end. They are more than gorgeous views, they mark the passage of time at camp. Another sunrise means another incredible day at camp, and sitting in services represents another week coming to an end. We savor the views and we savor our time in our sacred place.
    3. Being outside…constantly Whether you are swimming in the pool, boating on the lake or playing gaga behind the Rec Hall, being outside for the majority of the day is absolutely glorious. But we don’t discriminate- rainy days have their perks too!
    4. Having Sharon tell you what to wear Long and short, short and short…whatever clothing the weather requires, Sharon always tells you before you even have to get out of bed. Are we spoiled, or what?
    5. Table hopping Meals at home just aren’t the same when there isn’t another IMG_9547table filled with your best friends on the other side of the kitchen, and a counselor to tell you to come back.
    6. Whistle system At camp, our sense of time is measured by whistles. You may not ever know what time the clock reads, but you do know that the whistle just blew to end 4th period…and we know what that means. SNACK.
    7. Chortles and Raizels And speaking of snack, how could we forget the snacks of the summer?
    8. Getting called up for a High-Five There’s something so special about an older or younger camper or counselor calling you up to the mic in the Dining Hall to recognize you for doing something awesome, no matter how big or small. 
    9. Unrestricted access to gimp This is true of craft gimpmaterials, but also the access you have to your best friend,  a seat in an adirondack and the amazing sunrises at camp. At camp, life is just more simple.
    10. The sound of the screen door slamming Our favorite sound in the world is when our campers arrive and you hear the smack of the wood framed doors as campers move into their bunks and run out to greet their best friends.
    11. Wearing flip-flops in the shower We bet you never thought you’d miss this, until you didn’t need to wear them anymore. That slow, cautious shuffle back to your bed so you don’t slip on the wet floor, a reminder to savor that moment of feeling clean…because you knew it wouldn’t last for long.
      bunk meeting
    12. Bunk meetings Having the chance to sit down with your bunk a couple days a week reminded us the importance of slowing down and helped us stay in tune with one another. We can often get caught up in the day to day craziness, but our bunk meetings are always a way to reset and reconnect.
    13. Soundtrack to your day When you go to the Pool…there’s music playing. At the Lake? A stereo blaring. We end most meals with a dance party and clean our cabins with the bunk’s favorite songs playing in the background. Camp classics keep us smiling at camp and remind us of our beloved summers once we are home.
    14. Letter Writing Day If you don’t miss the actual act of writing, you at least miss the accompanying song. On three…1 – 2 – 3…”Today is letter writing dayyy, writing dayyy, writing dayyyyy…”.
    15. Unlimited wardrobe Themed meals,DSC_2227 MTV night performances, Shabbat apparel. Each requires a different outfit and luckily you’ll have access to borrow from a friend, an older camper or counselor, and the drama room for those events that require a more intricate getup.
    16. Lights The most magical time of the day. When the overhead lights go off and flash lights appear, and when counselors turn into dramatic story tellers. You get to lay in your beds, recounting the day’s antics and giggling with your bunk mates.
    17. Being Called First for Barbecue Your bunk is lined up in the most perfect formation at flag, it’s your counselors birthday AND you got a perfect score on clean up earlier that morning. You’ve got the makings for what is guaranteed to be a called-first-to-barbecue kinda night, and it feels SO good!

    Ask any camper what their favorite thing about camp is, and you may hear things like Color War, Shabbat, and the Waterfront. Dig a little deeper and you’ll learn that there’s so much more to it, and we can’t wait to share those little things with our campers in 2016!

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