The Lasts of Summer 2015

  • IMG_0476So here we are, just a few short days away from the last day of camp, and we’re in awe of how quickly it’s all gone by. We’re at the point in the summer where everything we do has a sense of finality to it. The last Shabbat, the last regular day, the last laundry day, the last canteen, and we so wish that somehow we could drag our feet, slow down time and make these final days, these precious moments, last forever. This past week has been the grand finale of our summer and has been filled with unforgettable moments, big and small.

    We wanted to go out in grand style, so our last trip day was to Canobie Lake Park. After breakfast we sent campers back to their bunk to get their trip day shirts on and bags and we met on the basketball courts to board the buses for what was sure to be an epic day. And it was! As we waited for our departure loud music came on, staff in morph suits appeared and our counselors pulled off one of the best fake Color War breaks that we’ve ever seen. Check out the videos on Facebook and see for yourself! Everyone took off for the park and had an awesome day on the rides and enjoyed their afternoon away.

    FullSizeRender(1)After returning around dinner time, in anticipation of welcoming back some very tired campers, we planned for our last movie night in the gym. After dinner, campers brought pillows and blankets to the gym and got comfortable….but not for long! About 15 minutes into the movie, the screen went dark, the gym went black the craziness ensued! Color War 2015 broke with a ton of noise and cheering, and camp was divided into Negev and Galil. The next three days were jam packed with competition, camaraderie and many victories on both sides. In the end, Negev won….it was a close battle and a sweet victory, and once again camp was united.

    We had a busy week of activity and excitement, and camp was due for a late wake-up. Thursday morning was our last omelet bar and campers were able to enjoy a late wake up and breakfast made special by the department heads and admin. We were able to enjoy regular programming for the last Thursday of our summer with beautiful weather. Our Shabbat was filled with mixed emotions. Our favorite day of the week was met with excitement but also a sense of sadness to be approaching the end. We ate and sang and danced the night away in the pool for one last time before we say goodbye to our beloved Shabbat summer nights.

    IMG_0070Trunks and duffel bags are reappearing, art projects being completed, belongings being gathered. Campers seem to be walking at a slower pace, not out of exhaustion, but in a way that allows them to take it all in a bit more, arms around each other, enjoying one last hug from a lifelong friend. On Wednesday, we will all go back to the regular pace of our “normal life”, but for all of us who have been so incredibly fortunate to be touched by this perfect place, we know that CTN is the way that life should be. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, hilarious, energetic, amazing children with all of us. We truly mean it when we say, they make this place what it is. We hope all of these last moments will last them through the school year, until we meet again.

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