The CTN Greatest Hits Album…

  • We all know camp is about the people! The relationships we build with our bunk mates, counselors, department heads, and camp leadership help shape who we are and how we engage with the world. If relationships are the main course of camp, all of the side dishes that enhance the experience are crucial to providing a balanced and complete meal. Camp food, traditions, jokes, trips, can be uniquely associated with camp. Think grilled cheese and tomato soup, color war, and water country- for me, these immediately bring me back to camp.


    In anticipation of the upcoming 70th celebration I started to think about the soundtrack of CTN – the songs that have been sung for 70 years and the ones that were 1 hit wonders but played a huge role in a particular summer. I hope you enjoy this spotify playlist, and that hearing the songs bring you back to sunset lake with your CTN family.

    So put on some blue and white, dust off your old friendship bracelets, and set up a fold up camping chair outside, press play, close your eyes and take yourself back to camp!

    Please make sure to comment and let us know your fav or if we left something out and of course remember to join us at the 70th celebration – awesome listening!



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