The CT(E)N Reasons to be a Camp Counselor

  • JCK_09571.      Camp is a resume builder. Think about how many skills you’ll master during eight weeks at camp. Our personal favorite? Time management. You accomplish more in a span of 24 hours at camp than most people do in a month. In any given day you might direct a play, make your OD schedule, coach a basketball team, lead a swim test, cure homesickness, remake your OD schedule, and choreograph an MTV night performance. It’s a 24/7 job and our counselors are our master jugglers.

    2.       There’s no such thing as business casual. Being a camp counselor is the only place where dressing up means actually dressing up. Whether it be as Head Counselor Rob Moskowitz, Lady Gaga or Big Bird, the options are truly endless. At camp, formal wear is your favorite pair of Nike Tempos and a lacrosse pinny, and tutus are commonplace.

    3.       The commute. Forget about parallel parking in the city, long lines on the T, and the traffic delays on the Pike. Wake up, walk to breakfast and then to your department. Nothing is more than a 10 minute, leisurely-paced walk from anything else at camp.

    4.       You’ll love your new office. Our idea of workspace is a stage, or a court, or a pool, or a canoe – see where we’re going with this one? So forget about that cramped cube in the overcrowded office, and spread out on the beach of Sunset Lake.

    JCK_73515.       The Clientele is REALLY cute. Our campers, aged 7-15, are the reason we work so hard during the summer. Their spirit, energy and smiles make those late nights and early mornings totally worth it and we wouldn’t – we couldn’t – do it without them.

    6.       Your “To Do” list is actually fun.  No mail merges, filing, sorting or number crunching here! We’re all about the fun. The activities, trips and special events fill our schedules with excitement and keep each day fresh.

    7.       Your coworkers are your best friends. There’s no other job in the world where you get to work so closely with a lot of people that you really like. Some may have grown up with you since your Bunk 1 summer, while others arrived from Australia merely a week ago, but the bond is just as strong. You learn to work together, grow together and support each other as you work toward a common goal: the happiness of your campers and the success of the summer.

    8.       Bunk meetings are better than board meetings. Self-advocacy and conflict resolution are just two of the many skills our campers acquire at camp, and guess who they learn those from? Their incredible counselors. There is no greater thing than gathering your bunk and listening to a group of 8-year-old boys discuss their downfalls during morning clean-up and devise a plan, together, to do better. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    9.       No 30-minute Lunch Break and you’ll never have to sit alone. We sit family style, at mixed-age, mixed-gender assigned tables. You get to meet new friends, try new foods and we take our time. It’s a time to refuel after a busy morning and reconnect with your friends and campers. The food is delicious and the company is even better.

    10.   The most challenging decision you’ll face in a day: Which staff shirt? Light blue or white? Tank top or shooter shirt? For those cooler mornings and nights you’ll have to decide between a long sleeve or a sweatshirt. Zip up or hoodie? We’re overwhelmed just thinking about it. No clean tees? No worries, just send your laundry bag out tomorrow morning. Yeah, that’s right…welcome to the only job where someone else does your laundry. 

    Are you sold yet?

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