The Constant of Camp – Dan London – Alumni

  • This was a very challenging task to undertake; talk about my fond memories or the special bonds formed at Camp Tel Noar in few hundred words.  To me, that’s like asking someone to describe the importance of the 2004 ALCS to Red Sox fans in one sentence.  Camp was always my constant in an uncertain childhood.  My brother and I were fortunate enough to be sent to CTN in 1986, shortly before my father died.  Later that year we moved to Los Angeles, but my Aunt (in her infinite wisdom) realized that consistency would be critical for our adjustment and well-being, and sent us via cross country flight to camp every summer.  This continued for 10 summers despite an additional move to Atlanta in 1991.  I think she realized that despite the challenges we might have adjusting to new schools, friends, homes, at least Camp and our great friendships there could be a constant.

    I am still amazed by the strength of the relationships I built during my camp tenure.  I regularly talk to my two best friends from camp still (they were witnesses at my wedding) and keep in touch with so many more.  When we get on the phone (or the text message in these technologically advanced times) I cherish the fact that we can pick up as if almost no time has passed at all.  We (of course) relive funny moments and in-jokes from camp days, but it’s a joy to see how these friends have grown and built lives for themselves in the post-camp days.

    I have so many great (and hilarious) memories from camp; I would love nothing more for my kids to be able to experience how much Camp Tel Noar has to offer and eagerly await flying north once again to reunite with all of my summer brethren in June.


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