The 8 Things Your Kids Bring Home from Camp

  • 1. Stories – By now you’ve probably heard these more than once. Those camp stories that may bring you back to your days at summer camp, but more often, bring a smile to your face. The smallest details can prompt a 10 minute explanation of what Running Man is and why it’s the best Evening Activity. Smile and nod and take it as a good sign that your camper wants to share their TN experience with you.

    Camp Tel Noar

    2. Best Friends – Nothing quite compares to waking up every morning with your best friends in the beds next to you. It’s the sense of comfort and connection that strengthens the bonds we form during the summer. Those 50 minute or 5 hour drives on the weekend to get their “camp friend fix”? That just means camp did its job.  Visiting camp friends never gets old, whether you’re 8 or 80, your kid now has friends for life. That’s pretty awesome.

    rockpic3. Rocks – The unpacking process can be an interesting one. Seven weeks of memories tucked neatly away in duffle bags and plastic bins. One mom recently shared with us her discovery of large, gold spray-painted rocks in her daughter’s under-the-bed container. This memento of Gold Rush, a beloved Color War tradition, now sits on this 8 year-old’s dresser at home. Bringing a piece of camp home makes the next summer not feel so far away. 

    4. Clothes that you didn’t send them with – You labeled and stamped and stamped and labeled and you STILL have a mismatched wardrobe. Only one sock per pair, a few extra towels, and basketball shorts a few sizes too big…the swapping and trading and sharing, it’s all part of camp.

    5.  A sense of independence – Campers, young and old, return home after 7 weeks of feeding themselves, making their beds, and advocating for their needs, and often the needs of their bunk mates. It happens organically and usually quite quickly, but it is probably one of the most impressive changes our families see in their kids.

    6. An arts & crafts project – You’ve either been gifted an unidentifiable artistic masterpiece or you may have noticed that every pieceCamp Tel Noar - Perspective Families' Day of white clothing you sent them with is now tie-dyed. Having that piece of camp and wearing that favorite tie-dye shirt can be a simple reminder of an incredible summer and the many more to come.

    7. Camp etiquette – “Passing up” after a family meal and stacking dirty dishes on top of each other. It may be not be the most effective way to clean dishes but it’s their way of helping out in the kitchen. Has your camper asked you to shench? They are inviting you to sit next to them. Ask your camper to sweep and they’ll be more than happy to help, just don’t be startled when they yell “DUSTPAN, WHO’S DUSTPAN?!”.

    8. A case of “campsickness” – We promise, it’s not contagious, but the only real cure is a camp countdown and frequent visits with bunk-mates.

    264 DAYS!!!!

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