Summer 2019 begins

  • The evening before opening day, a thoughtful home grown counselor, Dani, explained to the first years how incredible the first day of camp is. She explained, not only are new campers meeting their bunks tomorrow, they’re meeting their friends-for-life, their future bridesmaids and groomsmen, and a place that they will soon call home. A statement we think is a perfect summary of Camp Tel Noar.

    As Efraim often says, so many of the Camp Tel Noar family live ten for two. If you don’t already know, this means that ten months out the year we’re at school or working, busy living our day to day lives, but in the back of our minds we’re waiting for the sun to shine and camp to roll around as quickly as possible. Those two months are what we live for, those two months are where we’re the happiest.

    On Wednesday morning, our months of patiently waiting eventually paid off and #CTN2019 finally came around – and what a day it was! Waking up in the morning, there was an undeniable buzz in the air. Sitting at breakfast surrounded by our new friends, conversation quickly turned to our imminent arrivals, and we all agreed… we couldn’t be more excited for our campers to arrive.

    Taking in our final moments of peace and quiet at breakfast, we left our tables knowing that in just a few short hours they would be filled with joyful campers, excited for their incredible summers ahead.

    Just after 8:30am we heard the sound of the first car pull into the camp grounds to the welcoming faces of Liel, Billie and Efraim, whilst the tune of American Authors’ song “Best day of my life” burst from the office sound system. Completely unintentional, but perfectly fitting.

    Over the next two hours camper after camper joined our close-knit community, pulling their parent’s hands to move quicker, wanting to meet with their bunks and favorite counselors as fast as humanly possible. Tears rolled, but not tears of sadness, tears of absolute joy as they ran into the arms of their best friends.

    Parents conversed with each other, “mine’s not even said goodbye yet” and “that was the quickest hug I’ve ever received”, whilst the kids shouted “I’m fine mom, you can go now”. A difficult moment for some, but an appreciated reassurance knowing their little ones were about to have the time of their lives.

    The unpacking commenced, with fairy lights, photos, and teddies all making an appearance to create a little home away from home. After a lot of unpacking, it was time to refuel with lunch where the camp-favorite, grilled cheese sandwiches made an appearance, and of course, the salad bar. To welcome our first-year campers, the whole camp sang a havenu, and the noise level? Switched to the highest volume!

    The afternoon was spent visiting different departments, taking bunk photos, taking part in a swim check (safety first!), spending time with their newly formed bunks and playing endless games of 4 square, 9 square, step ball, ga ga, one bounce and squash juggle.

    An exciting day like Opening Day deserves an exciting ending, and that’s exactly what was delivered. To introduce our campers to their respective departments, the whole camp gathered in the gym to watch ‘Meet the Staff’, thoughtfully prepared by all members of staff.

    The CTN nurses delivered ‘5 reasons why to visit the medical center’ – did you know they have a fridge filled with ice pops and a room fully airconditioned for much-needed naps (do they take reservations?!). The Arts and Crafts department created a tuneful song created with scissors, drumsticks and bowls, whilst the Drama department performed a playful version of ‘Into the Woods’, which first-year counselor Jess announced to be our first Drama department play of the summer!

    After an evening of belly laughs, it was time to head to the beach to perform the CTN tradition of setting alight the 2019 sign whilst sitting under the stars with our newly formed family.

    Over the next two days, the whole camp quickly adjusted into the usual camp routine, with exciting classes and electives to attend. Whilst Ethan enjoyed a song-leading one-on-one session with this week’s guest educator – singer/songwriter Jacob Spike Kraus, an intense competition of who could stay on the lake’s log roll the longest occurred (shout out to Jonah who currently holds the record of seven seconds!).

    Upping the style-ante each morning at camp, bunk 18 has consistently provided eye-catching moments, heading into breakfast in full force with a variety of matching outfits, expertly planned months in advance. This morning’s choice included an eye-catching vision of 80s dress up, which looked perfect during our post-breakfast dance session to Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls just want to have fun’.

    As we head into Shabbat, we’re taking a moment for reflection on the last three days at camp, and cannot believe how much fun, laughter and learning we have managed to squeeze into just 72 hours. If these few days are anything to go by, we can already tell that this is going to be the best summer ever!

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  1. Eva Jakob says:

    Thank you for giving my granddaughter a great summer. I know it already by her smiles. ❤️

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