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  • With camp around the corner there is so much to do to get ready, and we love diving into the action! For many of our parents this means forms, elective sign-ups, shopping and packing. For campers, the distraction from school of day dreaming about camp is more intense, they have turned over every page of the yearbook for the thousandth time in anticipation of the incredible memories they will make this summer.

    Our staff get excited about camp with signing their contracts, packing, and getting in touch with counselors, and for many, the buildup and preparation for camp includes some awesome learning and professional development experiences. In addition to the trainings and workshops that happen during staff orientation, we are using the Spring to get inspired and ready for camp:

    onwardOnward Israel-Start Up Intern: This highly successful program, launched and initiated by the Cohen Camps, takes veteran counselors to Israel in the Spring and places them in internships with Israeli companies. This year we are pleased that Jake Greenberg and Kira Zimmernan will be representing CTN in Israel. In addition to the incredible experience of working and living in Israel, Jake and Kira have been meeting with our new Israeli Counselors and planning cool programs and activities for camp centered around their love of Israel.

    cstoneThe Cornerstone Fellowship: The premiere training and leadership development fellowship for Jewish camp counselors, Cornerstone is a week long, intensive program that brings together counselors and staff from over 60 Jewish camps throughout North America. Led by Becca, the Cornerstone cohort will be responsible for bringing new programming ideas and helping shape the way our campers connect to each other, their counselors, and Judaism. We are thrilled to have Alex Gruber, Jacob Adner, Erica Magier, and Amanda Zimmerman bring the CTN spirit to the conference. For more information about the cornerstone program please click

    1st year1st Year Counselor Training: For our staff that grew up in our program, and were at one point campers at CTN, we have a special two-day training program focused on making the transition from camper to staff, and on building skills to make sure our campers have fantastic role models to look up to this summer. We are so proud of our homegrown staff and can’t wait to see them in action at camp! Check out the video from their first day of training.

    maagalMa’agal: Israeli dancing is a big part of the CTN magic, it’s one of the maagaaallways we connect to Israel, bond as an entire camp, and of course- just have a lot of fun! For the first time ever, CTN participated in a national  conference bringing together dance educators from Jewish camps to teach best practices, repertoire, and facilitation strategies. As our pioneer participant, Michelle Levine’s experiences  at Camp Alonim in California were top notch. She shared with us what a positive experience it was to meet and spend time with other Rikud instructors and to collaborate and learn from each other.  One of the biggest takeaways that she can’t wait to impart on the campers is that “you don’t need to know a dance, to do a dance. That Israeli dance is something everyone can jump in and do whether they think they can they are able to or not.”.

    leadershipLeadership Team BBQ: Lastly, leading up to the summer the entire senior leadership team will be met at Efraim’s house in Sharon for a full day of planning, team building, and brainstorming. The day is designed for our team to be reflective about individual and collective goals, new ideas, and setting expectations to ensure a great summer! In addition to the very productive work- highlights included the backyard dodgeball game, homemade guacamole, and burning of the TN (ok, that one’s going to have to wait until camp).

    These are a few examples of how our staff are gearing up for camp. We are so incredibly proud of the commitment, passion and dedication that our staff show for Camp Tel Noar and Jewish camping.

    Counting down the days!


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