Stay Golden CTN, and Shabbat Shalom

  • There is so much about camp that sticks with a person throughout the year and throughout their lives. Shabbat at camp is a time of reflection, community and spending time with friends in a slower-paced setting…nothing compares! This summer, counselors from the past, wrote to us about what camp means to them, and they were read to camp as we sat together on the beach for Havdallah. We think Jacob Adner puts it perfectly!

    Shabbat at camp. Coffee cake in the morning. Dancing in the evening. Singing and resting in between. All throughout the year, I would look forward to those lazy summer days that so often gave me solace from the stress of school. Activities such as choreographing an elaborate and outrageous dance for MTV night,  something I decided would be done best inside the gaga pit, or playing inter-camp sports showcases the variety of activities that happen at CTN. The first weekend of camp brings with it overwhelming excitement for the potential of the summer to come. Yet, camp means so much more than just one experience.

    Camp to me means freedom. When else can you spend the entire day surrounded by your best friends playing cardscamp_tel_noar_2016_4638 and wearing wigs, just because you think it suits you? How often do you have the opportunity to try something new every day? Surely, before my time at camp, I never thought that aqua zumba, writing alternate lyrics for songs during Color War, and dancing on Saturday nights would become the highlights of my summer. Never be afraid to be yourself or try something new. I have camp to thank for helping me branch out.jadner-service

    I have so many fond memories of my time at 167 Main Street. However, the quiet moments stick out the most. Sitting atop the archery hill overlooking the activities in the Dell and just beyond. Perching on the lifeguard tower panning between the peace of Sunset Lake and the reckless water-balloon fight on the dance platform. Watching one of you discover something for the first time, learning how to tie your shoes, or even having a laugh with you about the ridiculous game we just played in Shira. Camp time goes much too quickly, so enjoy every single moment. Yes, there will be ups and downs, but just remember to breathe. Nothing compares to the comfort that Camp Tel Noar provides.

    Enjoy this special place and make memories, the time goes by too fast.

    Stay Golden CTN, and Shabbat Shalom.

    – Jadner


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