Rites of Passage – a CTN Tradition

  • Your first time at bat. Your first laps in the pool. Your first solo sail. Your first bunk bonding experience. At camp, those milestones are larger than life — especially when done with your forever friends.  Each summer our campers return and reach new milestones, they broaden our community and hold fast to the stake they make in its future.  The best MTV Night performance. The strongest Bogrim All Stars.  The loudest spirit sessions.  The closest bonds any bunk before them has ever seen.

    The new and young campers who look up to the older ones long for the days that they have their chance at the very same rites of passage — their opportunity to leave their positive mark on our camp community so that their names will live on in camp lore and posterity.  And yet, when the right group comes along, it takes but one incredibly poignant experience filled with CTN spirit to create a new rite of passage. Moments that they will tell their children about, so that those future campers can brag that they experienced the same camp tradition that their parents created.

    Tel Noar is privileged to be located in the great town of Hampstead, NH.  Our neighbors and friends have watched over our summer home for its 67 year history, and partner with us in keeping our campers safe on the shores of Sunset Lake.  Each summer, on the Saturday prior to the 4th of July, Hampstead and its residents host a town fair and makes the most incredible fireworks display in the town center. While we have always enjoyed the somewhat obscured view from inside our little bubble, we had never ventured into our greater community to share in a truly American experience that bridges our cultural divide.  Until tonight.

    CTN is a special community, and I could think of no better representatives of who we are than Bunks 8 & 18 2012 (Ein Harod and Nahariyah) to represent CTN in our greater community to participate in the town fair and view the fireworks first hand, overhead, and surrounded by the town who keeps our traditions dear.  A new camp tradition was born, and this rite of passage marks our oldest campers position as the leaders of our community ready to branch out into the world around them.


8 responses to “Rites of Passage – a CTN Tradition”

  1. Sar1212 says:

    That is a fantastic idea and a great new tradition! 

  2. Lori Raber says:

    What a great idea!  Thank you Molly, I am happy Bekah and Matthew got to experience this new tradition!

    • Molly Lourie Butter says:

      Thanks, Lori, I’m glad it’s something the campers will remember forever!

      — Molly

  3. Penny Gordon says:

    How awesome an experience, both being able to attend the town fair and being representatives of CTN.  Thank you for giving the kids this opportunity.

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