Reflections on Dor L’Dor Adult Israel Trip 2014

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    Julie (on left) and her sister Marjorie in Israel on Dor L’Dor Adult Israel Trip 2014

    This guest post was written by Julie Druker Kravetz, a participant on the Dor L’Dor Adult Israel Trip 2014. Julie reflects on the love of Israel, Jewish values and community that infuses Cohen Camps experiences. She shares how those elements were integral to her experience on the Dor L’Dor Adult Israel Trip.

    When the Cohen Camps decided to create an adult trip for parents, my sister Marjorie and I signed up immediately. If you decide to go on this extraordinary adventure, you will see things that will stir your soul. You will gain knowledge and deep understanding. You will also walk away meeting new people that will touch your heart in a myriad of ways. Sharing meaningful things has a way of connecting you to others as if you have known one another for years.

    As parents we send our children to the Cohen Camps because we know they will be embraced and supported with the Jewish values we share and cherish. Lifelong friends will be made and a light within will shine when  we reflect on the special sense of community shared at the Cohen Camps. Traditions become alive with meaning, purpose and actions. The goals at camp aren’t only outdoor summer activities. The Cohen family and staff are completely committed to establishing a strong foundation so that children can rejoice and understand traditions that are meaningful and relevant.

    All of the efforts of the Cohen Camps culminates for senior campers with a trip to Israel. Like a symphony, all the parts come together in perfect harmony as campers step foot in Israel and it becomes real and compelling.

    We knew the same attention to quality and detail would be present in an adult experience – and it was. Every single moment in Israel was filled with sensational experiences led by the finest tour leaders in the country: Peter Abelow and his daughter Shira of Keshet.  We actually had a former Tevya counselor as our tour guide.  Not surprisingly he and his daughter were delightful and informative.

    Together we formed bonds as our children have at camp. We learned together, hiked together,  ate together, prayed, sang together and importantly we shared together. We created memories for a lifetime.

    This trip afforded us with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow, feel, and come together as a group. We were in Israel during the beginning stage of the conflict this summer. Despite this, we felt safe every step of the way, and we gained perspective on things you don’t experience in the U.S. We had a true appreciation of Israeli challenges. One of the things that struck me was the resiliency of the Israeli people. Despite hardships we saw determination, strength and lots of joy. I will never forget attending a Kabbalat Shabbat service in Tel-Aviv over looking the Mediterranean while hundreds ushered in Shabbat with the most beautiful, soulful music  while the sun was setting on the sea. There are simply no words!!

    All the special things that motivated us to send our children will also be present during your experience to Israel. Am Yisrael Chai. May we all come together and support Israel and the collective love and strength of community.

    Julie Druker Kravetz was summer staff at Camp Tel Noar and her daughter attended Camp Tevya. She participated in Dor L’Dor: Adult Israel Trip with her sister Marjorie.

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