Putting the “Special” in Special Programs: CTN Celebrates July 4th

  • The sun rose on this fourth of July day, the first day we have woken up to a blue sky in what seems like weeks.  As the rest of the world celebrates the holiday in their usual way, we in the camp bubble partake in the July 4th festivities that have become a tradition as we experience them each year at camp.


    The entire camp is transformed into a troupe of young Americans, proudly displaying their red, white, blue and stripes, ready to compete against one another as a team and yet unifying for meals as true patriots chanting cheers for our nation.


    The fierce competition is concluded as the entire camp family is whisked away to enjoy an evening designed only for us.  Laughter fills the air while the campers excitingly swam the night away at Liquid Planet, a water park that is occupied only by the familiar camp family we spend our summers with.   And as the first star appeared in the sky, our final celebration on this very special holiday is a private fireworks show arranged just for us.


    For years to come we will remember the crazy games and group competitions, the water slides, music and lake fun, and the moments we sat as a family and watched the sky sparkle with the fireworks  that filled our July 4th.  Yet another camp experience that will be imprinted on our minds as we celebrate this holiday year after year.

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  1. PEG says:

    Sounds like a fab celebration !! Thx CTN for making camp the best it can be !!!!

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