Passion on Display: Alumni Make Camps Special!

  • The three Cohen Camps were founded with the vision of children spending summers living jewishly in an environment filled with spirit, community and sisterhood. The basis for our founding has been continued in great part as a result of our dedicated and loyal alumni across all three camps.  The scope of the dedication runs the gamut from alumni offering their time, treasure and talent and everything in between. It is hard to believe that almost 80 years ago the first of the three Cohen Camps was founded by Eli and Bessie Cohen. Carrying the torch to the next generation is the single most effective way to honor the tradition and to foster the vision of Eli and Bessie.

    From third generation campers at Pembroke to alumni coming together to support camper recruitment by helping with Camp tours at Tevya to the overwhelming response to attend the alumni Shabbats at Tel Noar the passion alumni share for their Camp is extraordinary!

    At Camp Tel Noar wonderful things are happening as a result of our alumni meetings. From the incredible response to our Alumni Shabbats, to the building of  “Sharon’s Garden” in the girls area to the number of alumni sending their kids to Camp this summer, we are truly blessed.

    Harriet, Marla, Judy and Susan enjoying Alumni Shabbat!

    At Pembroke the number of alumnae sending their own daughters and granddaughters is exemplified by the Sherman family. Mother Ruth, daughter’s Suzanne and Caroline and granddaughter Rose are three generations of  ‘Brokie’s. At our recent Alumnae Shabbat all three generations were represented, singing and dancing to all their favorite Israeli songs.

    Shabbat Shalom!

    Suzanne shared her warm memories and proud feelings she has for Camp Pembroke:

    My mother and her sister Diane had attended Camp Pembroke from 1950 to 1957 when camp was under the leadership of Hadassah Blocker and her trusted sidekick, Lois Alpert.   A generation later, when I was 9, I attended camp under the same power duo; my sister Caroline joined me there a year later….There is only one thing that tops being a camper at Pembroke and that is being the mother of a camper at Pembroke. My daughter Rose started camp in 2004 and is a devoted “Brokie”…..  My mother, aunt, sister and I live vicariously through my daughter every July and August and are thrilled by the knowledge that the joy, excitement, comfort and freedom that is Camp Pembroke is alive and strong in yet another generation.

    Dancing Tevya Style!

    Lastly, at Tevya, the efforts of our alumni around camper recruitment have been one of the shining stars from our off season meetings. From our alumni offering camp tour support for our visiting families, to our “Welcome Bag” initiative to alumni helping with cultural development of our International support staff, the passion for all things Tevya is unsurpassed. We could not be more grateful to all those alumni who have come together in true Tevya spirit!

    If you would like to get involved with our alumni activities, send your child to a Cohen Camp or simply reconnect with old friends, our door is always open to you and yours!


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