Out with the Old, In with the News

  • CTN’s Fall Foliage

    Now that the “off season” has officially started, we begin to focus on all the aspects of camp to prepare for next summer.  One of the areas in camp planning that is easily overlooked, but takes a great deal of time and energy to execute, is the update and upkeep of our facility.  With camp and parts of our facility celebrating their 68th birthday this year, there is a lot of work we do to keep it looking fresh and operating more efficiently each year.

    We are lucky that our camp is maintained all year round by our wonderful caretakers, Mike and Mary.  Entering their third year of taking care of CTN, under their management, the CTN facility has really taken some great strides over the past few years.  It’s no surprise that the installation of the George H. Marcus Aquatics Center was a huge addition to the camp program and facility, but you might be interested to know about more of the “behind the scenes” kinds of upkeep and improvements we do each year.  I’m excited to share some of the improvements and updates we’ve recently completed, our ongoing annual projects, and several new projects we are working on over this winter for summer 2013.

    Recently Completed:

    • A 6-year plumbing upgrade  — We recently completed installing mixing valves into all of the showers in the camp facility, and installed higher efficiency toilets in several buildings where replacements were warranted.
    • Gym Roof and Gutter Upgrade — In anticipation of upcoming facility upgrades to the interior of the Gym, we completed a roof repair and gutter addition to the facility.
    • Annual floor resurfacing and bunk repairs — each fall we resurface every bunk floor with a full prep and re-polyurethane to every surface.  We also do all of the minor repairs a normal summer’s worth of use requires.  It takes most of the fall to complete, and we’re thrilled that it’s finally finished for this year!
    • Face lift to A&C– This past season we unveiled a “face lift” for the interior of the A&C building, including adding an entire chalkboard wall and repairing and refinishing all of the work tables and spaces.

      The Carriage House includes 3.5 acres of land

    • Carriage House Acquisition and Refurbishment — CTN is now the proud owner of an abutting property at 185 Main Street.  The 200+ year-old farm house, once a Carriage stop on Rt. 121 (hence the name the Carriage House) was purchased in 2011 to be used for adult and family housing, work space in the over-sized garage for our caretakers, and a laundry room for our housekeepers in the summertime.  It also includes two apartments we use seasonally for our chefs, and a total of 3.5 acres of land.  After installing a new roof, new vinyl siding, a complete electrical and plumbing upgrade, sprinkler system and fire detection alarm system, some fresh coats of paint (including some interior repair) and new furniture all around, the housing was ready for use in summer 2012.
    • Fenton House Acquisition – in November 2011 we closed on another abutting property, 137 Main Street, which includes an over-sized garage perfect for camp storage!  We are currently using the garage, and are exploring other strategic options for the house and surrounding acre.

    Ongoing projects:

    • Year 2 of an Electrical Upgrade — We are in the process of upgrading the electrical infrastructure building by building, beginning in the girls area.  We’re excited to complete our second building this upcoming spring.
    • Landscaping Upkeep — Each fall we re-seed and groom the general landscape from the wear and tear of summer fun.  Not to mention lawn mowing and fall clean up — a must after Super Storm Sandy!
    • Roofing upgrades — At the end of each season we identify buildings that need new or repaired roofs.  This year’s upgrade will include two bunk buildings, the office, and the Director’s cottage.
    • Cubbie repair and refurbishment — for the past two seasons we have identified cubbies in need of significant repair or refurbishment, and for season 2013, there will be 50 cubbies that will look like new!
    • Painting, painting and more painting – with a facility as large as ours, you can imagine that the painting projects never end.  Each season we freshen up all the porches and rails, and this summer we completed three buildings worth of complete paint jobs.

    Upcoming Projects:

    The landscaping around our office and basketball court will have a fresh new look for Summer 2013.


    • Office area landscape project – We’re excited to announce that we will be completely re-doing the office area landscape up and around the basketball court.  We will be extending our irrigation system and planting grass and new trees in the previous mulch garden.  It will dramatically improve the “first impression” when people arrive at camp and we’re looking forward to planting some new trees with the camp community.
    • Resurface and refurbishment of camp courts — The final phase of the pool installation project includes re-purposing the Dell newcomb court into a multi-purpose basketball and volleyball court.  We’re looking forward to completing that for season 2013.
    • Videography Studio – We’re excited that we will be able to launch a videography program for summer 2013, and in addition to the equipment, we’ll need a place to house it!  I’m excited that we will be using space in our library to set up our brand new videography studio, complete with new computer equipment and the work space to create the new videos.
    • Interior work on the Gym — We’re looking forward to start some projects to upgrade the interior of the gym; more news on that as the plans take shape.

    With enrollment higher than it’s been in previous years, we’re excited that all of these upgrades and additions will be used and loved by a new generation of our CTN family.  We like to consider ourselves 68 years young — we just don’t want to look like it!

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