One Summer, Endless Impact

  • Welcoming almost 400 campers to camp each summer would not be possible if it wasn’t for our committed and passionate counselors and staff. We are so grateful each summer for their tireless effort, boundless energy and for loving and caring for our campers. Whether our staff themselves grew up at camp or not, our counselors have an extraordinary impact on camp. Over the next three weeks we will continue to interview and hire staff from across the globe, and we are so excited to already be welcoming counselors from New Zealand, Australia, England and Israel. When Georgia joined our camp family in 2016 she had no idea the impact CTN would have on her life…


    When I was offered a job as a counselor in America for the summer of 2016, I did not imagine the impact the summer would have on the rest of my life. Apprehensive, nervous, and bursting with excitement, I arrived at Camp Tel Noar oblivious of what was to come. I quickly became immersed in camp life and swapped British tea for grilled cheese sandwiches and s’mores! I had the two best jobs, one as a Drama Counselor and one as a Bunk Counselor – how lucky was I! When I arrived at Camp I was told how quickly the summer would go. So, in attempt to treasure every moment I decided to keep a journal.

    Wednesday 6th July 2016:
    Wow! Today has been non-stop! The campers arrived about a week ago and the days are going by so fast. I am so lucky to be part of 11B – they are so much fun! I honestly haven’t stopped laughing since they arrived. Today in the drama department we have been rehearsing for Peter Pan, it is so exciting! The campers are all so talented and I cannot wait to see it all come together. This evening we had a bunk campfire, it was awesome…I had few too many s’mores! We sat around the campfire laughing, singing, and for a moment I wanted time to slow down! The campers have only been here just over a week but I’m loving every single moment of it!

    I hope this excerpt from my journal enables you, just for a split second, to enter the world of Camp Tel Noar. I loved everything about camp, from color war, to performances, movie nights, day trips, evening activities, meeting the best friends ever, lots of laughter, countless servings of ice-cream, campfires, bunk activities, kayaking, Beyond Vanilla, Friday night dancing…it was the best experience of my life. I cried so much when I said goodbye to the kids and they have left such an imprint on my heart. Camp was the best place ever, there is nowhere else in the world where you can you act like a big kid and get away with it! It was just THE MOST rewarding summer! Thank you to every person who made me feel part of the Camp Tel Noar family, I am truly grateful.

    On my arrival home in England, I had camp-blues! I realized when reflecting on my summer how I had enjoyed it so much more than I had ever imagined. This summer inspired me to be a teacher! Thank you to everyone at camp for making me realize how much I truly love working with children and young people. I am so excited for my future, and I will carry my CTN memories with me throughout my teaching career. Thank you all, for everything!
    – Georgia Duncan, CTN Staff 2016

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