On Your Mark – Get Set – Second Session!

  • DSC_0462And it already feels like we’ve been together for weeks…and while many of us here have been, the new additions have seamlessly integrated into our camp community. It been the hottest week of our summer, with temperatures nearing 95 on a few of the days, but our counselors and campers have kept themselves cool and hydrated! The pool and waterfront have been popular spots, and athletics has made frequent visits to the beach to “lake-it” after a sweaty game on the courts and fields.

    Visiting Day went off without a hitch and many of our families enjoyed their day at camp, kayaking, paddle-boarding, swimming and spending time in the happiest place on earth. Our campers love camp so much and we love that they have the opportunity to share their experience and passion for this place with their families. All of camp returned before dinner just in time for our Visiting Day Trip. Oles and Tsofs then took off for a night of bowling while the Bogs enjoyed a night at the movie theatre and saw Antman. Everyone returned to camp that night with a lot of excitement to welcome our new campers the next day.

    It was early to bed and early to rise for Monday’s Opening Day. It’s always so impressive to watch the start of a new session. Arriving campers were greeted with smiles and energy from our season campers and their counselors, and for our bunks, it felt like their summer family is finally IMG_8964complete! After our traditional grilled cheese and French fries lunch that afternoon, we jumped right into activities. For our Bogs participating in Jewish Arts Festival, they had a very special opportunity to perform at Newbridge on the Charles in Dedham, with Tevya and Pembroke, for the residents there. The crowd loved the energy that our campers brought, and for some of the residents it was an extra special treat to see their grandchildren so happy during their time at camp.  That evening’s activity was Meet the Staff. Counselors dressed up as members of our adult staff and did impressions and skits to “introduce” our staff to the new campers. The night was filled with some fantastic imitations and a lot of laughter.

    DSC_0466 Tuesday was the first full day of regular programming, and while it was super hot, it was even more fun! Our Engineering elective got off to a quick start doing building competitions with various materials and creating sail boats out of scrap material. The campers have loved the challenge of creating something out of nothing and the sense of competition between the building teams. The theme of working together is something that is carried throughout most of what we do here at camp, from activities to special events to meals. One of the evening activities was Create Your Own Story. Bunks spent time planning a story and skit that ended with either “…and that’s how we became CTN legends” or “…and that’s how we learned what was at the bottom of the lake”. The skits were creative and funny and involved all of our campers participating with their bunks on stage!

    The Kona Ice Truck came for a special surprise visit to support our efforts in remaining hydrated and cool and the kids (and kids at heart!) loved the treat. We love icees but there are many more surprises on their way…stay tuned!!

    Shabbat shalom,


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