Norma Marcus – Alumni, the start of Three Generations at CTN

  • normaTo express what I love about Tel Noar in just a few short paragraphs is nearly impossible for me.  My husband George and I went to Tel Noar for over 36 years, a double mitzvah.  I have so many fond memories from our first summer on Sunset Lake in 1959 through our last in 1996.  

    The camp itself is small, but that’s what makes our camp so special.  It creates a warmth no matter if there are 80 campers as there were in 1959 or 270 campers today.  From the moment you step into camp you get a sensation of love and warmth from everyone.  That’s why camp has always been my other home.

    I can’t wait to go back to camp and be a part of the the wonderful 70th Celebration.  I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone’s familiar faces and sharing this joy with them.

    I’m excited to return in June for the 70th Celebration and remind myself all over again how special camp is and what a difference Tel Noar has made in my life, in my daughters lives and my granddaughter’s life who all attended Tel Noar as three generations.   We all get the same feeling of instant warmth, comfort, and thoughts of the best memories of our lives.

    Please make sure to come over to me on June 27th and say hello with a big hug and smile like there has always been.  Just like home.

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