New Things at Camp to Look Forward to in Summer 2012

  • It’s incredible how quickly the summer will be upon us, and we’ve been busy here at camp getting the activities planned and everything set up in anticipation of our campers arrival. Summer 2012 will bring back many of the “old favorite” activities and a few new ones as well. We’ve been doing lots of little upgrades around camp for this summer from activities offered to general facility improvements, so here are few things new and exciting for 2012:

    • A newly refurbished fleet of Sailboats — 10 sailboats have been completely refurbished and are Sunset-Lake-worthy for this summer.
    • Performing Arts at the Advanced Level — We’re excited to offer an Advanced Improv class for our budding comedians to test their chops on the Sunset Playhouse Stage.
    • A newly upgraded sound system in the Dining Hall — Now we can use the microphones and play music at the same time in surround sound!
    • Sharon’s Garden — Because of a generous donation from our alumni, Sharon’s garden is now the centerpiece of the girls’ area and a beautiful gathering spot for our campers.
    • Restyled Arts & Crafts — We’ve “cleaned up” the arts and crafts (don’t worry, we kept all the beautiful murals!) and we’re ready to have the campers of 2012 leave their artful mark. We’re including a “memorial” wall with photos of all of the old arts and crafts “decorations” so the campers of yesterday can still see their legacy in camp.
    • Jazzed up Dance Department — Our Dance Department has grown and we’ve added Zumba and Cheerleading for 2012.
    • Water Fountains — From Arts and Crafts to the Waterfront, the boys area to the girls area, new water fountains are around camp to keep our campers hydrated. Not only will our campers have water any time they want, but it’s better for the environment too!

    Lot’s happening here at camp. Each day brings us closer the real reason we made these improvements. Can’t wait to see our happy campers’ reaction to the additions and renovations to our summer home on June 27!

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