Look Inside the Magic of a Tel Noar Summer

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    Camp is powerful!

    Sure camp is about s’mores, friendships bracelets, bonfires, sports, and water skiing – but it is also about the amazing experiences and life skills you can provide for your child. Camp is the supportive environment that helps your child learn to take risks, build resiliency, reflect on their experiences, and develop meaningful relationships while sharpening their social-emotional intelligence. The magic of camp is that while your kid is having the time of his/ her life they are also participating in what could be the most transformative, life changing experience of their young lives. Here are just a few snapshots from this summer that illustrate how we do what we do…enjoy!

    Dance Parties: From morning wake up music to bedtime jam sessions, there is always time for a quick dance break at Camp Tel Noar. We were lucky enough to have a great Siagel and Party Excitement Socials this session with great DJ’s that got us all up and dancing. CTN loves to move!

    Bringing In Shabbat: Our Cornerstone Fellows piloted a cool new Shabbat program this summer. Each Friday night, our entire camp walks individually through a beautiful Shabbat doorframe, to highlight the separation of Shabbat from the rest of the week and put us in the right mindset to enjoy a day of rest and relaxation. We captured it in a video for you to enjoy as well. We love to step in to amazing Shabbat experiences!


    Game Days: CTN has had a ton of fun competing against other camps in Newcomb, tennis, swimming, volleyball, softball, and more.  Our campers love the competition and have fun whether or not they come home victorious. They also love being goofy- our campers compete in tutus, tie dye, and whatever else they can find to look as silly as possible. Of course, no Game Day is complete without a dip in the lake!


    Jewish Arts Festival: This year, Camp Tel Noar had the honor of hosting this year’s Jewish Arts Festival, a celebration of dancing and singing among many Jewish summer camps. This year’s theme was Yisrael Sheli: What Israel Means To Me. Connection to Israel is a huge part of our Tel Noar community, and it was really special to have so many guests gathered at CTN to celebrate the place that is so important to all of us. (View our camp’s performance here.)

    Thursday Night Live: Quickly becoming a CTN Tradition, TNL is CTN’s twist on the popular Saturday night comedy show, and definitely had the campers excited (check out the preview video). Our Drama and Videography departments worked tirelessly to put on an amazing show for our campers and we think the laughter could probably be heard across the lake.

    1, 2, 3, 4, WE WANT COLOR WAR! Campers were caught completely off guard when color war broke while they were enjoying inflatable waterslides on a hot, sunny Tuesday morning. Flashes of green and yellow chalk powder were thrown into the air, captains from Bunks 8 and 18 were announced, and everyone raced back to their bunks to put on their team colors. We have such a blast competing against each other for a few days, but we are always happy to come together as one big Tel Noar family again when it ends. Enjoy the video of the break on Camp Tel Noar’s Facebook page!


    Alumni Shabbat:  This July, we hosted a multi-generational alumni Shabbat for about a hundred guests. Campers and staff were happy to reunite with friends, family, and alumni of all ages. Everyone enjoyed CTN’s traditional song session and Friday night dancing, and it was so much fun to see new and old friends together for the night. Photos from the event are posted on the Camp Tel Noar Alumni Facebook Page.

    Trips:  We have had some amazing trips this session! Our campers have been cosmic bowling, white water rafting, and hiking in the White Mountains. They’ve seen movies, visited the zoo, played arcade games, enjoyed go-karts, and SO much more.

    With just under a week left we are also looking forward to another play, trip day, and of course our final banquet!

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