Easily Extraordinary: Introducing Mitzvah Projects

  • Every year, a few Cohen Campers do something I consider extraordinary: they set up their own camp fundraiser, inviting friends and family to give to their camp’s Scholarship Fund. They do this in place of gifts for their bar or bat mitzvah, or for their birthday. Cohen Camps Alumni do it, too, as a way to mark a big occasion like a birth, a wedding, a milestone birthday, or other occasion.

    In their generosity, I see the love and values of our camp community…and I’m both grateful and deeply, deeply inspired.

    One in four of every Cohen Campers’ families depends on a measure of scholarship aid to be able to give their kids their summers – their lifetimes – of camp. A quarter of the young people in our camps. That means that the Scholarship Fund makes an impact on every camper’s life, because no bunk would be complete without every friend present. It could be you, or it could be the person in the next bed over. The awesome thing is that at camp, it doesn’t even matter who it is – and no one even knows! What matters is that everyone is together. And that togetherness and friendship is what these campers and alumni have chosen to honor with their gifts.

    For the last few years, here at the Cohen Camps, we’ve thought of these gifts as unusual. But they keep coming. Now we’ve realized: the extraordinary IS what’s usual at Camps Pembroke, Tel Noar, and Tevya. So now we have set up a system to make these unusually-usual efforts super easy.

    Welcome to Camp Tel Noar Mitzvah Projects. Anyone who wants to create a Mitzvah Project can have a profile and a custom gift link that’s easy to share around. Simply get in touch with me to register your event! I and the whole team here will do whatever you need to help you share your love of camp with others.

    THANK YOU to everyone who has conducted a camp Mitzvah Project independently. Your commitment has not only moved others to give – you have also motivated us to set up this system, which we hope will excite even more people to create even more camp Mitzvah Projects.

    Furthermore, todah rabah, thank you VERY much, to everyone who has taken part (or will take part) in these Mitzvah Projects, as friend, as champion, as motivator, as donor. YOU embody what’s truly extraordinary about camp!

    Barbara Stevens
    Cohen Camps Development Director
    (and Camp Tevya alum)

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