Healthy Campers Make Happy Campers

  • With only days remaining until camp, we are busily preparing many areas of camp. From our Kitchen to our Waterfront, and everything in between, so much goes into the function of camp…and so much about the success of our summers comes from the partnership with our counselors, Senior Staff and, of course, our parents!

    Our Health Center is at the heart of our summers at Tel Noar, and beyond meds, health call and trips to the doctor, our Health Center is such a crucial part of making sure each of campers has the best possible experience.

    Why we use Andrews’ Pharmacy
    It took us a few years to find the right fit, but we feel so lucky to have a partner in Andrews’ and our relationship with them continues to become even stronger. Partnership with them helps us ensure a safe, efficient Health Center, and happier and healthier campers. Because they pre-package all medications in a uniform way, it streamlines our process and minimizes the time your camper spends in the Health Center.

    We require that ALL meds being taken on a daily-basis go through Andrews (even gummy vitamins!) and truly appreciate your cooperation with this – it makes a huge difference. Inhalers, epi-pens, and injectable medications do not need to go through the pharmacy, but we do ask that these medications be sent to camp prior to Opening Day, with Doctor’s Orders – thank you!!

    If you have had, or anticipate, any changes to medication since submitting your camper’s Health History form, please email Nurse Deb ( to alert our Health Center of the update.


    The best way to be in touch with our Health Center Staff is to email them directly at  Our staff will reach out to you to inform you of any concerns, frequent visits to the Health Center and any upcoming doctor appointments. You may also hear from them in the coming weeks if they have any questions or concerns.

    General Reminders

    • Please reinforce with your camper(s) the importance of using sunscreen/bug spray and staying hydrated. We’ll remind them daily, but getting your support will be incredibly helpful!
    • Hand washing! Please remind your campers how important it is that they do this before meals and after using the bathroom.
    • Reports are saying that this year’s tick season with be stronger than previous summers, please show them how to check for ticks. We’ll do this too, team effort!
    • In general, show younger campers how to clip toenails, take kids with braces to the orthodontist, etc. The more preventative measures we have parent support on, the healthier we can keep camp!
    • If your child is prone to ear infections, conjunctivitis or other infections, please bring with you a prescription from their physician to help expedite that process. We will consult with you before filling any script.
    • If your child requires specific forms of meds (paraben-free, dye-free, etc.) please send that to camp before Opening Day.

    We’ve spent lots of time this off-season reviewing protocols and procedures and hiring the best staff- we can’t wait for you to meet our newest additions and to say hello to our returning crew!

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