From past to present: Danny Fier

  • Each Saturday as we gather on the beach for Havdalah, the whole CTN family joins together in a circle whilst a special letter is read to the group. This letter provides past memories, thoughts for reflection and inspiration to create memories to last a lifetime. These words come from a special group of the Camp Tel Noar family, past campers and counselors who have experienced everything camp has to offer. Join us each week as we share these thoughtful letters from our CTN alumni…

    Take a second and look around you – the people who surround you at this first Havdalah, maybe they’re your close friends that you’ve known for years, or maybe you just met them a couple of days ago. Either way, you’re here… together. Enjoy the moment: being at the lake, standing next to your counselors, at the place that will soon become your second home (if it isn’t already). Take it in now, because after this weekend everything is going to change. Before you know it, you’ll be in your daily schedules – electives, bunk time, evening activities, meals… every day a new adventure, every night a memory to remember forever. Take a second and remember everything you’re feeling, right now. I look back on my time at Camp Tel Noar with a whole range of emotions. I remember growing up, learning how to live away from my family and falling in love with this place. I remember Shabbat filled with laughter, tears, and TONS of slices of challah. I remember belting my heart out every song session, never failing to get emotional whenever we sang piano man. If you don’t mind taking advice from a washed up CTN alum, I’d say this – break out of your comfort zone, do things that scare you, the experiences that give you that tingly feeling, because those are the memories that will sustain you, the opportunities that only camp can provide. This place is a home away from home, a chance to understand yourself in a way that you may never had previously before. This place, this little beach in Hampstead NH, is filled with traditions, old and new. Tap into that, understand what makes this place so special, what makes Tel Noar different from any other camp out there. this is your home, and I’m so excited for the incredible summer you’re about to have, so go and enjoy it. Camp Tel Noar, these weeks are going to fly by, and you’re going to wish you had more time. I certainly do. I cannot wait to see all that happens here in 2019, and I’m oh so looking forward to seeing you all very soon. 

    Sending so much love to you all – make sure to sing a little extra for me at the next song session. Love you all.  

    Danny Fier

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  1. Deborah Shank says:

    We miss you Danny! Thank you for the lovely thoughts.

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