For the love of camp! Lily Koplan shares what CTN means to her…

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    Why do I love camp? For so many reasons! But one of my favorite things about Tel Noar is that I can be myself, because everyone is so nice and it’s the most welcoming and and loving community. When I first came to camp in the summer of 2011, I was very excited, but planning to only stay for two weeks with Ta’am. Right before my parents left at drop-off I was already so comfortable and when I said bye to them I actually said  “Bye, see you in a month!”  I stayed the full first month.  The following summer I went thinking that I’d be staying for the first session, but much like the summer before of course my decision quickly changed and I called my parents and told them that I didn’t want to come home and wanted to stay the full summer.  And I did.  Another reason I love camp is because of the friendship you make there, Even though I’m only at my second home for 2 months a year, I’m always talking to and seeing my camp friends throughout the whole year.  And if a little time goes by that we don’t talk, it’s like we were just hanging out the day before anyway.  Although you may have a lot of really good friends from school, there’s nothing like a Camp Tel Noar friend.  Camp always starts out right away so exciting, when you pull up and all your friends run up to hug you, it’s the best feeling and I’m counting down the days to experience it again!   I can’t wait for the 70th Celebration, I know it will be so much fun. But especially because I know that it’s just a few days away from the first day of camp!582214_4005802636545_185667657_n



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  1. Sage Rosen says:

    I know how she feels in the first summer of camp I had the time of my life without my parents it was so pleasant to be away from my brother but the best part was making new friends and trying new things everyday I had a new adventure and a new experience

  2. Sophie Strausberg says:

    That is a very good description of what Camp TelNoar is like. I feel that way too. I really enjoyed camp and can’t wait to go back this summer for a full session (instead of just the first session ).

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