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    Do you think about your bunkmate from Tel Noar and wonder where he (or she) is? What about your favorite counselor from Bunk 12? Would you interview a Tel Noar alum ahead of other qualified applicants? If so, we have the app for you!

    We recently launched a Cohen Camps Alumni App from EverTrue to make it easier for our alumni to reconnect with friends and discover professional networking opportunities. Barbara Stevens, our Development Directors is already hearing stories of counselors and campers finding each other after years of wondering about each other — and their happy reunions.

    Find alumni nearby

    Find alumni nearby

    An intuitive interface

    An intuitive interface

    We brought the app to Cohen Camps alumni because being able to leverage our camps’ long histories is an incredible benefit for our alumni who can tap into a network of people who share the same values and experience, regardless of their generation. The professional networking opportunities inherent in the app’s features make it very appealing to alumni. The fact that it is tied with LinkedIn is invaluable as well. Younger generation alumni can target job interests to specific alumni, and established alumni can connect as well. People like to do business with people they know and trust or people that do business with them.

    The Cohen Camps Alumni App Features:

    A secure alumni directory within an iPhone and Android mobile app

    A connection tool: use the “alumni nearby” map feature to see who lives near you in your town, or a location you are visiting.

    A reconnection tool: filterable contact directory of alumni by camp, start year and/or end year, and proximity.

    A job search tool: search through the camp’s database to find fellow alumni in a specific field and connect with them using the app’s LinkedIn contact integration feature.

    There’s no cost to you; it is a benefit provided by the Cohen Camps for the Tel Noar alumni community. The simplicity of the Alumni App is what makes it powerful – install and sign in – and you have an online directory for anyone to easily use.

    The Cohen Camps Alumni App creates introductions with one tap of the finger. Over the years, alumni have told me that they will gladly speak with someone who went to their camp, regardless of the experience on the resume. Your next job could be one app download away.

    The new Cohen Camps Alumni App from EverTrue is your new way to make the most of your lifetime camp community. Download it today and let us know how you are connecting and reconnecting with your fellow Tel Noar alumni.

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