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  • Reflections on Dor L’Dor Adult Israel Trip 2014

    This guest post was written by Julie Druker Kravetz, a participant on the Dor L’Dor Adult Israel Trip 2014. Julie reflects on the love of Israel, Jewish values and community that infuses Cohen Camps experiences. She shares how those elements were integral to her experience on the Dor L’Dor Adult Israel Trip. When the Cohen […]

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  • Dor L’Dor: Recharging My Jewish Identity

    “What I didn’t expect it to do was to let me recharge my Jewish batteries as well as influence my Jewish identity.” The summer was unusual: this Dor L’Dor Leadership Program cohort experienced Israel during a time of both peace and war. Elijah Elmore, an eight-season Tel Noar camper, was deeply moved by the experience […]

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