Camp food is the best!

  • Part of the magic of camp is transforming the things that we do everyday of the year into special moments and elevated experiences. Eating is just different at camp, mostly because we get a chance to be with our friends in an awesome and spirited dinning hall! Here are 10 foods that ALWAYS taste better at camp.

    1. Popsicles (or Kona Ice if we get lucky) on a super hot day.

    2. Chicken Soup on Shabbat.

    3. Chocolate Chip Cookies or anything from the Master Chef elective.

    4. Fruit from the dining hall between meals.

    5. Milk at any and all times of the day (especially if it’s chocolate).

    6. Omelette Bar.

    7. Frozen Gatorade from Canteen.

    8. Berry Bar.

    9. Fish Sticks (Would you like one? Yes I would).

    And last but not least

    10. ANYTHING that comes from the G Store!

    What is your favorite camp food?

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