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  • David & Lily

    David & Lily

    It’s amazing to see how our alumni’s love for CTN and the connections we make never wanes, even after 25 years!  Camp Tel Noar is excited that David Koplan will be taking a more active role in Alumni Outreach and Coordination of Alumni events in the coming year. His daughter Lily is a very happy CTN camper, and we know that David hopes she’ll have a story like the one below to share some day in the future:

    pic5 (3)On an airplane flying to New Orleans for a business trip, a young woman came right up to me.  We looked at one another and realized that we both look familiar to each other.  Of all the places I have been and lived in life: high school, college, different jobs, travel, and more, the warmth and instant connection to this seemingly stranger is why we both simultaneously suggested that we met at Camp Tel Noar.  And we were correct.   We instantly discussed where we live, our families, occupation, other Tel Noar people we keep in touch with and so much more.  We figured out that the last time we saw each other was in 1989, nearly twenty five years ago.  Yet the comfort level of speaking with this person I really knew very little about was like we had just spent another summer together at CTN.  And this is what makes Camp Tel Noar such a special and unique place.  Sure there are many great overnight camps that people enjoy, but truly none like Tel Noar.

    Tel Noar is small, and that is what makes our camp so great.  It allows people to cultivate friendships that last a life time.  It’s a bond based on proximity of the short walk from the flagpole to the waterfront, from the boys bunks to the girls bunks, the ability to see the mess hall (now called Dining Hall) from the volleyball court, the gym to the dell.  It was so much fun to reunite with an old friend and learn that she may be sending her daughters to Tel Noar and the thought that her kids may become friends with my kids at camp.

    I know that my excitement about seeing old friends is something that I share with all of you that are reading this today.  We all get the samepic4 (3) reaction of instant warmth, comfort, and thoughts of the best memories of our lives.  Add in the desire to rekindle those old friendships and get in touch with the people we spent so many fun summers during the best times of our lives–this is why I am excited to work with Tel Noar on Alumni Relations.  I get to reacquaint with old friends and cultivate those friendships and great memories once again. I’m excited to remind myself and others how special camp is and what a difference Tel Noar has made in my life, and to share the impact it made on me and helped me to become the person that I am today.  I want my own kids to enjoy that same experience that truly will last a lifetime.  I can’t wait to find those friends, say hello, reminisce about old times, talk about life today and get that same exciting and warm feeling that I got the moment that I stepped onto that airplane.

    We know you can’t wait to reminisce about camp and your old friends either!  Join us at the upcoming CTN Alumni Spring Social on Saturday night, April 27th at 8 pm at The Verve at the Crown Plaza in Natick, MA (on Rt. 9E).  For more information or to RSVP, visit us on Facebook by clicking here.

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