At Passover We Say, “NEXT year in Jerusalem.” For Our Teens, It’s Got To Be “THIS year.”

  • By Barbara Stevens, Cohen Camps Development Director


    Imagine you’re a Camp Tel Noar teen.

    The Dor L’Dor Israel Leadership Program—an extraordinary joint experience for each camp’s oldest campers—is something you’ve heard about and have looked forward to ever since you were a young camper. The reading of DLD letters from Israel back to camp became part of your Shabbat services. The teens who returned as Counselors-In-Training with tales of Israel discovery, connections, and bonds became your role models.

    This summer, it could be your turn. You want to go. You know it will change your life. You can see how it could set the stage for your adult connection to Israel, to friends, to the Jewish community you choose as you make your way to college and beyond. Just about your entire bunk is going, alongside your peers at Camps Tevya and Pembroke.

    And now imagine… Maybe you can’t go after all. Your family wants you to attend. But the cost is just beyond reach.

    The reality is this: The Dor L’Dor Friendship Fund needs donors this year to reach its ambitious $18,000 goal for scholarships. Would you please be one of those donors? It’s easy to donate today, online.

    This year, 93% of eligible 10th graders applied to attend Dor L’Dor—the highest percentage in the program’s history! The Cohen Camps have distributed scholarship aid to as many families as possible, and so has Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP), and yet more families still need support.

    I’m going to Israel myself for the first time this summer, with the Cohen Camps 2016 Adult Israel Trip. I attended Camp Tevya for 13 summers in the 1970s and 1980s—before DLD existed. Visiting Israel has always been on my “bucket list.”

    I will get to experience just a bit of what DLD gives teens from Camps Pembroke, Tevya, and Tel Noar each summer. Like me, these teens could go to Israel later in life. But this is the one and only summer when they can go with all their camp friends and have this DLD experience.

    DLD-2015-teens-1Last summer, one young man wrote to his mom that after his first Shabbat singing and dancing he felt “like I am home.” We want our Cohen Camps teens to know their own personal connection to Israel. This is why Eli and Bessie Cohen founded these three Jewish camps, and why we continue our commitment to Israeli programming. Dor L’Dor is transformational, life changing, a personal Judaic journey for each participant—and essential to every younger camper’s experience, too.

    Recently, my friend Marjorie Druker wrote an email to our community inviting all of us to join this campaign, and kicking it off with a $1,000 gift of her own.

    Donors have already responded with over $5,500 more! Please join them today.

    Every gift, of any amount, gets us closer to the goal. We are determined to offer each teen who wants to go the opportunity to join the Dor L’Dor Leadership Program this summer. Together, let’s do this.

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