Another Perfect Week

  • We always talk about how a camper’s experience is comprised of the little moments at camp and each day, each weekDSC_0368 and each summer is filled with those. From the minute our campers wake up, they share experiences with their bunkmates and counselors that have a lasting impact on their days and their overall camp experience. This week, I got to share and see so many of those moments with our kids.

    The rain on Saturday afternoon was a welcome relief after the warm weather of last week. After lunch, Saturday Shira and rest hour, bunks spent quality activity time together…in sweats! We held sign-ups for Saturday evening’s Lip Sync battle and quickly had a long list of performances. The night was amazing! To see so many campers grace our stage with some unforgettable Lip Sync performances made the night one of a kind. The best part was seeing campers, up on stage with the support of their counselors, “singing” their hearts out. Goofy dances and some very special choreography made the night one of the best, but seeing the looks of confidence and joy on our performers faces made it one of the biggest little moments to remember.

    Sundays are always popular for future families too visit and tour camp and see it in action! Walking around camp DSC_0334with visiting families always brings a new perspective – I get to see camp through their eyes. At every activity area, they were greeted by excited campers eager to share their love of camp. They saw the renovated dark room where the photography class explained how to develop pictures, and as we approached the waterfront they got to hear our ukulele class perform a Matisyahu song. They held ducks and petted bunnies in animal care and they felt the community of Tel Noar in every step they took. Campers approached the unfamiliar group of people politely and offered to answer any questions…a true testament to our amazing camp family, and we know they created little moments that the future campers will be sure to remember.

    On Monday, Tevya hosted the annual Senior Volleyball Tournament, and our kids loved the opportunity to visit another camp and proudly represent CTN. We loved seeing the team spirit and the great sportsmanship from all of the Jewish camps in our area. We came in third place and even without a trophy in hand when they arrived, we were greeted with smiles and cheers of a day well-spent! Our tennis doubles also had a strong 3rd place finish at the CYJ tournament. So proud of all our athletes!

    DSC_0306Monday night was Party Excitement…one of our absolutely favorite evening activities at camp. Games, music and t-shirts and of course, lots of dancing! It was the perfect send-off before our Taam camper departure the following morning. They went home tired, a little bit dirty but with memories to last a lifetime. And the little moment that will always be with me? A 9 year-old boy coming up to me and straight in for the hug, telling me that this was the best summer of his life. We miss them already but can’t wait to see everyone back next summer!
    Tuesday morning wakeup was very early, as Bunks 8 and 18 boarded buses at 5:00 am for their greatly anticipated 2-day white water rafting trip in Maine. A few hours later, Bunk 7 and 17 boarded their buses for the AMC Highland Center where they went hiking in the White Mountains followed by a day on the alpine slides at Attitash. Our campers look forward to these annual trips when they bond together as an age group outside of camp, and everyone reported that the trips were everything that they hoped they would be. While the Bogs were gone, the rest of camp was treated to an extra Berry Bar and Siagel beach party!  The waterfront was rocking with the life-size board games, amazing music and even a few games of tug-o-war. I watched a camper and counselor play each other in giant Jenga for over an hour, staff dancing around with kids on their shoulders and a counselor and camper sitting on the tree swing enjoying a “quiet” moment together looking out over the lake. Little moments, amazing memories.

    waterskiToday was an exciting day with the reinstatement of our Waterski program after a bit of a hiatus. We wasted no time at all and got campers out on the water during lunch and rest hour. The first group of five, including two brand-new skiers, all got up on their first tries. Another hot day filled with water breaks, dips in the pool and ice cream for snack as we say goodbye to a fantastic week.

    And we are, Shabbat again, our Bogs are back, and our family is complete. Another week gone, another collection of little moments with some of my favorite people on earth by our side. I cherish every one and I can’t wait for another perfect week at Camp Tel Noar.

    Shabbat Shalom!

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