Alumni Shabbat 2012 by Lori

  • Young Alumni enjoying the Shabbat Services

    Summer and Camp are in full force and we are proud to welcome our alumni back to Camp Tel Noar to partake in one of their favorite camp memories, Shabbat. At Tel Noar, we love celebrating Shabbat at our home away from home by singing Hebrew songs, dancing, and enjoying a wonderful Shabbat service.

    As a result of our recent meetings with our alumni over the off season we decided to break our annual alumni Shabbat into three events. Our first Alumni Shabbat of the season was held on Saturday, June 23, for our young alumni from the 1990’s and 2000’s. Everyone enjoyed the day, seeing old friends, the staff and just being back at camp (see photo above)!

    Our next Alumni Shabbat is this Friday, July 13 for the alumni from the 1950’s and 1960’s. We already have quite a few folks signed up for dinner and Shabbat services, and we still have room for more. What could be better than singing, dancing and friendship?! An alumna from the 1950’s, Lee Brooke kindly sent me photos of Camp from the 1950’s, which I’d like to share with you. The images seem so timeless.

    Lee shared with me her fondest memory:

    “I was at Camp for about 5 years and enjoyed some of the happiest times of my childhood. The wonderful memories have stayed with me and enriched my life. I learned to appreciate my Jewish cultural heritage and love the songs and dances and candle lighting ceremonies.”


    Lee Brooke on Sunset Lake

    Circa 1958

    Lee @ Camp Circa 1958

    Our third Alumni Shabbat will be held on Friday, August 3. We welcome our alumni from the 1970’s and 1980’s for Friday night services and a fabulous meal.  We already have over 35 people who will be joining us, we hope you will too! Please RSVP to so we have enough chicken soup for everyone! Look for photos from all our events on our Camp Tel Noar Facebook page.

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