Add Those Kids from Summer Camp to your Professional Network

  • CTNncThank you to everyone who joined us for the launch of CTNnc, the Camp Tel Noar Network Collaborative!

    This new CTN initiative is both for and with camp alumni and camper parents. CTNnc brings a whole new level of opportunity to our community. Our motivation is simple: to put our CTN connections to work.

    It all started when a small group of CTN alumni gathered together for professional networking. The word went out, and a few more people wanted to join in. We quickly realized that this gathering held deep value.

    This spring we picked a name and made a plan: we would meet six times each year. Of course, we wanted each gathering to be fun, with plenty of socializing—because this is CTN, after all! But our purpose is big: we want to help one another with networking for referring business, discovering job opportunities, gaining new clients, promoting our non-profits, tapping Tel Noar connections for learning about colleges and college admissions, and much more.

    So far we have met twice: in May and June. Thirty people attended in May, when we met at Jake’s Falafel in Newton Centre—and they didn’t want to leave at the end of the night. The June gathering was just as lively at my home in Needham, MA.

    Who is coming? Really, who isn’t? The engaging array of professionals at our most recent meetings included: accountants, a dog walker, an event planner, an investment advisor, an invitation designer, a nutritionist, and a personal chef, among others.

    Connections are blooming! Already, a screenwriter scored an introduction to a Hollywood producer. Someone making a career change into marketing now knows more experienced professionals in that field. I’ve heard that a community relations coordinator and a professional networking organizer began working together because of CTNnc. And that’s with only two meetings!

    Will you attend next time? Our next meeting will take place on Thursday, August 8, 2016. At our last event, we invited each person to speak about their work and to share opportunities with the group. To make mingling fun and easy, we broke into small groups for a lively Mad Lib game of “The Living Wake and Our Professions.” The next meeting will be similarly relaxed and engaging. Currently, we host the events in the Boston area, but we look forward to expanding the group and its geographic spread.

    What I am most excited about is the promise that CTNnc holds as one more way we can take part in Camp Tel Noar as a lifelong community. It’s as if the spark of the campfire continues to bring us together—but in a new light. In our CTNnc gatherings, I witnessed CTN friendships renewed and new ones made. All of us alumni and parents cherish Tel Noar memories, whether our own or our children’s (or both)… but CTNnc reminds us that camp is not just for our past: it’s for our futures, too.

    So please save the date: Thursday, August 8, 2016. Location TBD. Events will be listed on our Camp Tel Noar Alumni Facebook Page. Watch your email for details, too, or email me now to RSVP.

    Would you like to join the CTNnc contact list to continue the networking? Our list includes everyone who has attended recent meetings or has expressed interest in joining. To get your information onto the list and receive your own copy, email me at Please note the spirit and rules of this community: you are encouraged to reach out individually and personally to anyone on the list, but you may not use the list for mass mailings of any sort.

    Wishing you a great summer and many great connections! See you in August—or sooner, at camp!






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