A week filled with fun!

  • To be writing a blog for week six just doesn’t seem right, it feels like only yesterday that we welcomed our first session campers and had our first meal together in the dining hall – can we rewind and relive it all again? Thankfully we have over a week and a half left, and you can always count on CTN campers and staff to make the most of our time, and we can’t leave just yet… we still have to make plenty of friendship bracelets for all of our friends and family!

    Each week it amazes us all that we can fit so much into just a few short days, and this week has certainly been no exception. We kickstarted our week with an evening activity of Tablewars, which involved strength, intelligence, and endurance – we take our activities very seriously here at camp! With a look of competitiveness in each camper’s eye, the groups completed activity after activity, all in the hopes of being crowned the top table.

    It wasn’t long until the tables arrived at the rap battle station – “Table 23, the best you’d agree, we don’t table hop and we can’t be stopped” – Maya chanted loudly, surrounded by her backing vocalists/fellow table campers. Next stop, it was time to create a human pyramid, and ‘harder than it looks’ was definitely the theme of this activity. Table 26 did an incredible job, and a big shout-out is deserved to Kayley, who powered through on the bottom row while mosquitos decided her eyebrows were the perfect place to rest.

    On Monday night, the hard work and practice paid off for all those who took part in the Jewish Arts Festival! This year it was CTN’s turn to host the festivities, and what an occasion it was. Seven camps from across the region took to the Tel Noar stage to portray the 2019 theme of ‘Celebrating Community Through Diversity’ using song and dance. Each camp performed brilliantly, and we all felt incredibly proud of our CTN JAF team who took to the stage like true professionals.

    There’s many things camp can control – the amount of snacks we can consume from canteen, the amount of time we can play on the Aquaglide, and what time we should head to bed, but there’s one thing it can’t control – the weather! On Tuesday, the temperature continued to soar into the 90s, and so a change of plan was needed, a cool and refreshing change of plan. It wasn’t long until a water period was announced and each bunk headed to the pool and lake for a splash around, cool down, and an endless amount of ball games (even Efraim joined in the water fun!).

    Next it was onto Bunk Night, where an array of fun activities were organised by each bunk’s counselors. Following the trail of loud music blasting from the Gym, it wasn’t long until bunks 7 and 17 were spotted dancing their hearts out, dressed as always in matching bunk themes. Taking a more relaxing route, bunk 9 was found taking part in a yoga class lead by Jill, while bunk 12 enjoyed a spa night featuring a face mask consisting of honey, banana and orange juice. While most of the bunk put it on their faces and rested with cucumber covering their eyes, Gabi took a different approach and decided to eat her facemask instead!

    This week campers and staff were lucky enough to head out of camp on two exciting day trips. The Bogs headed to Salisbury Beach to consume countless ice creams and tackle huge waves with bodyboards, and the rest of camp headed to Water Country for a day filled with wave pools, water rides and lazy rivers. Looking at the photos captured from each camp trip, it was clear to see that both groups had a brilliant day.

    After a busy day out of camp, it was time for an evening activity in the Gym, watching CTN’s annual Tel Noar Live show. Featuring a mix of pre-recorded skits and live comedy acts, we’re pretty sure not one camper managed to escape belly-laugh free. Hilarious skits included Josh addicted to blue juice, Sam addicted to Akki, Bella and Ben performing as a singing zoo animals, Coby moping around to the sound of Celine Dion, and Noah surprising the room with his incredible saxophone playing. A great job done by all involved!

    The perfect end to a busy week came in the form of our Dor L’Dor participants, who returned to camp following their trip to Israel. Gathering in a line, Tel Noar’s second session campers welcomed their fellow camp mates home with an almighty cheer and applause – an incredible moment which we’re sure our Dor L’Dor counsellors will remember for a very long time.

    With so much going on, it’s becoming more and more difficult to fit everything into just one blog post (the sign of a great week!). And everyday we are appreciating more and more the little things. Like the early morning sunrise with your bunk and the opportunity to be together for a BBQ (like Bunk 4 did this week at Efraim’s house). To be sure not to miss out on any of the week six action, take a look at our Instagram highlight for video clips taken throughout the week.

    As we get ready to welcome in Shabbat this sunny evening, we look forward to our last full week at camp and hope to fill our days with lots of fun, laughter and learning. We wish everyone a great Shabbat and a very happy weekend.

    Shabbat Shalom –

    Camp Tel Noar.

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